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With more than 10 years as a full-time professional freelancer, Jenny has a deep understanding of the type of content that brings readers back for more.

She is also a keen researcher, with few topics falling outside of her expertise. Her specializations are in the following:
* Sustainability -- particularly homesteading and green living
* Outdoors -- including hiking, backpacking, naturalist pursuits, and back country hobbies.
* Home and Garden -- from DIY and landscaping to general home maintenance topics.
* Education -- All levels of education, with a focus on primary and middle grades. Former experience as a part time educator and curriculum writer. Currently teaches and designs curriculum for elementary science and STEM clubs on a volunteer basis.


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Jenny H's Book Product Experience

10 Projects Completed

Jenny has written a range of ebooks on lifestyle, science, and education topics. She also has provided editing and formatting services for ebook authors.

Industry Projects

  • Garden1,000+
  • Craft100+
  • Food100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Jenny has written more than a 1,000 articles on gardening topics for ehow.com, eHow Home & Garden, Chron.com, and Gardenguides.com. She has also ghost written gardening ebooks for private clients, including the title "Gardening By The Inch." She lives on an urban homestead where she tends more than 500 square feet of gardens and raises backyard livestock, including ducks and bees. This gives her a level of expertise and experience with the topic that shows through in all of her work.


Jenny has written content in the craft niche for many distinguished websites, include Ehow.com, Chron.com, Fabrics.com, and the Dollar Stretcher. She has also ghost written ebook content in the craft niche for a variety of private clients. Her primary focus is on eco-crafting, fabric arts, knitting, and crafting on a budget. She also has experience writing crafting content aimed at parents and educators, including curriculum guides for specific art projects.


Creative food writing is a skill, and Jenny has proven her abilities by providing hundreds of pieces of food content, ranging from industry specific information to delectable recipes, for a range of private online clients. She also has more than 10 years of restaurant management experience, which allows her to provide expertise on many common food topics, including things that pertain to restauranteurs and to the home cook.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post500+
  • Newsletter Content20+
  • Book10+

Summary of Product Experience


Jenny has written well over 10,000 content articles for online and print in her career. Topics run the gambit from simple content for online marketers to in depth instructional pieces. Although she specializes in a few niches, she can provide authoritative and engaging content on almost any subject because she has highly developed research skills and diverse interests.

Blog Post

Jenny has written over 500 blog posts in her career. These have been for content sites, such as the KLAT network, for client blogs, like singingcenter.com and the Writer's Domain Blog, and for her own blogging projects. She specializes in bringing a personal tone to all of her blog posts, which helps make the content more engaging and helps foster reader enthusiasm.

Newsletter Content

Jenny has provided newsletter services for both organizations and online marketers. Topics range from the hard sciences to lifestyle topics. She has also been the Editor of the Asterisk, a publication of the Spokane Astronomical Society, for two years.


Jenny has written a range of ebooks on lifestyle, science, and education topics. She also has provided editing and formatting services for ebook authors.

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