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Cathy has 18 years of full-time experience in the journalism industry, where she honed her skills in writing and editing for both print and Internet news publications in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. That experience also includes showcasing packages in multimedia platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, and Pinterest utilizing editorial, photography, videography, and social media management/analytic skills with Google Analytics.
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Writing for both long-form articles and short-form SEO-based blogs.


Movies and television entertainment, fashion, home & garden, technological innovation, health and fitness, food and cooking, trends.


Jacksonville State University

Within her major, Cathy double concentrated in print journalism and public relations. She also minored in English.


20 Projects Completed

Cathy has written numerous feature articles about fashion, craft ideas, and cooking tips for newspaper publication. They were designed to provide readers with insight into the latest trends and inspirations.
She has also written short-form blogs about women's skincare. With a casual voice, they were designed to provide readers with helpful advice and updates on the latest products.


20 Projects Completed

Cathy has been writing short-form blogs about gardening for more than a dozen years. Her topics have ranged from tips on selecting plants for a specific region to growing flowers that both dazzle the eyes with their beauty and offer health benefits. Her posts have been featured in numerous instructional websites.


8 Projects Completed

Cathy has written feature articles revolving around travel for newspaper publication. These stories took on a descriptive, narrative nature designed to place the reader in the travel destination.
Additionally, she has written short-form blogs for a travel agency's website that provide a specific audience with a variety of tips on travel.


7,517 Projects Completed

Cathy has 18 years of experience in writing articles for newspaper publication. She has written short, breaking-news pieces with quick deadlines. She has also written longer feature pieces, as well as articles with a casual-feature tone for magazine-style publication. Her wide range of topics include, government, healthcare, school, sports, arts & entertainment, travel, cooking, home living, and human-interest profiles.
Additionally, Cathy has two years of experience writing 1,200-word feature articles for Sports Events, a national B2B magazine targeting the sports-tourism industry.

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38 Projects Completed

For more than 12 years, Cathy has been writing blogs for a variety of web publications. With a voice ranging from casual to instructional, she has covered such topics as homeopathic remedies, travel and tourism, home décor, gardening, DIY projects, and home living. Her work has been produced for travel agencies, skincare retailers, and instructional-publishing websites.

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