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Cecelia has been providing professional freelance work from her home since 2015. She has an extensive background in researching and writing. Cecelia pays close attention to close details, including punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Cecelia's educational background includes the following:

*Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree (3.92) in Psychology.

*Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree (3.72 GPA) in Law

Cecelia's experience:

She has written numerous articles, published on the Web, primarily for several web content companies and private clients. The majority of these articles are on general and special education, online learning and distance education, child development, politics, law, parenting, race relations and entrepreneurial topics. These all required substantial research, SEO and efficient use of keywords, and hyperlinks/link-building for many of them.
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Cecelia specializes in blog posts, optimized articles, website content and press releases. She is passionate about using social media outlets to promote her work and the work of her clients.


Cecelia loves to write about and research various topics. Cecelia particularly enjoys when she does not have general working knowledge of the task at hand. Cecelia sees that as an opportunity to learn a new niche! As a former teacher and law school graduate, she has a passion for education and a variety of other legal subjects.


Pepperdine School of Law

Cecelia earned a Juris Doctor (J.D) degree with a 3.72 GPA. She also earned a certificate in International Law.


23 Projects Completed

As a law school graduate, Cecelia has wrote extensively on a plethora of general legal issues. Those issues include civil litigation, corporate, property, civil rights, contract law, remedies, torts and personal injury concerns. She has also researched and wrote blogs, describing law firms and their areas of expertise. Cecelia uses her legal education as a tool to successfully complete freelance jobs, concerning general topics about the law.


18 Projects Completed

Cecelia has shared her ideas for online journals. She has also been employed at least 17 times to write about education. Using excellent writing skills and strategic thinking, Cecelia has researched and wrote compelling articles in regard to issues of public education, which continue to plague America today. She has also used multiple social media platforms to generate reader awareness about specific areas of interest within education.

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52 Projects Completed

Cecelia is a professional freelance writer. She has 2 years of professional writing experience, including 6 months spent writing SEO content at a digital marketing agency. Cecelia has written original content for clients across a wide range of industries, including child development, education, interior design, home improvement, as well as niche content creation.

Cecelia is especially adept when it comes to employing the ideal writing style and voice for a specific topic and audience. She is also dependable when it comes to deadlines, as she has written an average of 100 pages of original content (500-600 words per page) each month. Cecelia takes pride in providing content that is compelling and error-free, and providing this content in a timely and efficient manner.

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