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Tina S
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Professional editor and versatile, resourceful writer with more than six years as a highly motivated professional in writing services and the law. Excellent researcher using Internet (quality sources), databanks, online libraries, and other sources when applicable and relevant.

- Demonstrated production of quality materials under strict deadlines.
- Demonstrated excellence in synthesizing and translating complex legal information into layperson's terms and in re-organizing large volumes of information into concise yet accessible and complete material.
- Extensive computer and technical skills including: page layout, desktop publishing, illustration, documentation and editing.
- Advanced capabilities of certain applications and software, including but not limited to: Microsoft Office Programs, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Scrivener, FileMaker Pro.
- Proven quality in research and analysis using various social/ legal methods and databases.
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Methods & Referencing
• Internet Research
• Legal Analysis
• SWOT Analysis
• Discourse Analysis
• Evaluation & Assessment
• APA Style
• MLA Style
• Blue Book/Chicago Style

Core Competencies
• Web Content
• Legal Briefs
• White Papers
• Business Plans
• eBooks
• Copywriting
• Blogging
• Feature Writing
• Ghostwriting
• Technical Manuals
• Academic Writing


Tina has a particular interest in environment and energy subjects. She also particularly enjoys writing web content and blogs that pertain to legal or political subjects. Overall, her interest is writing. She likes to be challenged with a writing subject and then produce memorable product. Her background is diverse, with a combination of education, work experience and travel experience. She includes travel because any kind of travel, however little it may be, introduces a new way of looking at life and subject material, and as such, she confirms she can take a topic and view it from many different angles, which ensures (1) an interesting piece; and (2) a unique piece.


University of Dubuque

In addition to graduating cum laude, Tina spent a lot of time on extra-curricular activities, such as Model United Nations, winning several distinctions and awards for her performance. Tina was also editor of the school's paper for 2 years and published articles of international and political importance.

McGill University Faculty of Law

Tina studied common law applicable to the United States and all commonwealth countries. Tina also studied civil law in French. Tina paid particular attention to American legal theory and international human rights, the environment, gender, and trade issues.

International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam

Tina spent 1.5 years in The Hague, the Netherlands, studying international development with colleagues from around the world. Tina specialized her International Development Masters in Women, Gender and Development. Her thesis focused on the social and gender factors that led to mountaintop removal in West Virginia, and then how mountaintop removal re-impacts social and gender issues.

American University

Tina focused her Masters in Law on the environment, refugees, and gender. Tina holds a Certificate of Completion of 2011 Environmental Law Summer Seminar.


174 Projects Completed

Tina's legal writing experience is in two distinct areas: (1) writing legal documents for attorneys' use in the course of their legal representation of clients; and (2) writing about the law for the consumer. Tina has proven abilities to write in an authoritative, neutral tone. She applies the law to to the facts and writes persuasive, clear, and concise legal memoranda, pleadings, complaints, demand letters, among other legal documents. For the consumer audience, she translates legal concepts into articles that can be easily understood and appreciated. Tina pays attention to detail and has a desire to provide accurate legal information for the reader. To provide these services, Tina always conducts research using primary sources and fact-checks each product.


158 Projects Completed

Tina has written numerous projects for small businesses and start-ups. The key to business writing, according to Tina, is the ability to interpret data and apply it strategically to the business' mission and vision. Tina has written business plans, ebooks, white papers, feasibility plans, SWOT analyses, financial plans, blogs focused on business and the consumer. She enjoys the challenge to create a unique, meaningful product that the business-client can take and make a profit off of.


20 Projects Completed

Tina has recently started ghostwriting political blogs, but she has traditionally helped draft and edit white papers used for political campaigns.

Blog Post

391 Projects Completed

Tina has 5 years experience writing blog posts and web pages for a wealth of different companies. She takes strategic and creative approach to writing blogs. She first tries to learn what the client's goal is, what voice/tone they want to use, and who their primary audience is. She then scours the Internet for competitive blog posts, researches them, evaluates them, determines what's working and what's not, and, most importantly, what's missing so that her client's blog post can fill a void on the Internet. Whatever the subject is, Tina's goal is: do it better than the others. She has written blog posts for law firms, retail stores, DIY sites, and numerous other websites. She likes the blog medium and believes it is a great way for organizations and other to engage their potential clients/audience. She believes blogs should offer value to a client's website, not just extra words.

Web Page

129 Projects Completed

Tina believes the adage: content. Fro her point of view, web page content is important for three primary reasons: (1) it assists with coveted SEO; (2) it provides value to customers if written well and with the appropriate information; and (3) it engages consumers and benefits the company. She writes compelling content that serves the needs of the client and engages the client's intended audience. Tina thoroughly researches the client's business and its market, and compares the client's business to other like companies. She fills the gaps left by other companies and provides better information that answers the questions posed by the client's audience just enough so they are satisfied and ready to act. Tina turns online companies into authoritative figures online. She assists with brand recognition through the benefit of exceptional content.

White Paper

80 Projects Completed

Tina has written white papers primarily for clients in the oil and gas industry and in the medical field. Her white papers are always designed to be informative, well-organized, and an overall great read. Tina has an innate capability of turning a new patented stethoscope into a life-saving instrument, or to explain complex trends into easily accessible concepts in the oil and gas industry. Whatever the subject matter is, her priority again, is making the white paper accessible, read-able, and profitable. The language mirrors the intended audience. The tone mirrors the level of professional integrity of the client/audience relationship. The style is coherent and logical.


77 Projects Completed

Tina has written several ebooks and the topics are varied just as much as the length: from subjects of housing to career counseling immigrants, and page length ranging from 10 - 200 pages. She approaches writing ebooks the same she does any project: planning. First, she wants to find out exactly what the client's purpose of the ebook is and what their goal is once it is completed. Then, she wants to know all about the intended audience. Third, she researches to know what's already available, what's missing, and how to d it best.

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