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Adriane is a freelance sound designer and writer with a passion for game accessibility. This has led her to work as a sound/dialogue editor and accessibility consultant for blind-accessible games such as Frequency Missing, A Hero’s Call, Earplay, and others. She has presented at the 2017 Game Accessibility Conference, and she will be presenting at the upcoming GameSoundCon. She is also developing a module with the Game Accessibility Special Interest Group to introduce blind accessibility in game design education.

As a writer and editor for Designing Sound and A Sound Effect, Adriane has interviewed scores of sound designers and game accessibility advocates about their work. Also for these sites, she writes blog posts about audio industry news, current sound effects libraries, and sound design podcasts, and provides editing and HTML formatting services.

In her free time, Adriane spreads awareness of accessibility by volunteering with the AbleGamers Charity and sharing accessibility news on her personal blog. She is also active in professional mentoring both as part of The Audio Mentoring Project volunteer council, where she connects aspiring sound designers with game industry professionals, and as a Drill Sergeant, having served 12 years as an Active Duty and Reserve Soldier in the U.S. Army.
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Game audio, game accessibility, blind accessibility, sound design, audio implementation, field recording, audio mixing, dialogue editing, voice acting, voice-over, Pro Tools, Unity, Wwise, game audio industry


User experience, film accessibility, audio description, assistive technology, closed captioning, dyslexia and autism-friendly games, Unreal Engine, VR audio, web accessibility, screen reader compatibility, film editing, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop


Cochise College

Concentrated in journalism while serving in the U.S. Army as an Active Duty Soldier.

Emerson College

Concentrated in film editing, sound design, and color correction.


4 Projects Completed

Adriane is a sound designer and accessibility expert for video games. She has worked on several accessible games and spoken at game conferences about accessible sound design, and she regularly posts news about game audio and accessibility on her blog. Because of her contributions to multiple game audio industry organizations and her presence at game conventions each year throughout the U.S., she has become established in the game audio community.

She has interviewed AAA and indie game audio artists, advocates, and entrepreneurs about sound design techniques, audio middleware, direction, mentorship, and charity events for a well-known sound effects distributor's blog. For a respected not-for-profit industry blog, she has also interviewed over 40 sound designers, field recordists, educators, and game designers.


1 Projects Completed

Adriane has interviewed a documentary field recordist about her experiences working on a war photography documentary. She has also written over a dozen news pieces about the film and sound industry and edited scores of interviews with Hollywood sound designers.


1 Projects Completed

Adriane has interviewed a composer/sound design team about their work in independent games. She has also edited several articles about music technology, including Pure Data, audio middleware, and theatre sound.

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89 Projects Completed

Adriane writes a weekly recap featuring newly-released sound effects libraries for a popular sound effect distributor's blog. For the same company, she also writes summaries of new game audio books and sound design podcast episodes. For a not-for-profit industry blog, she has written descriptions of over 100 sound effects libraries as a volunteer writer.


2 Projects Completed

Adriane has written advertisements for company blogs that focus on concise yet highly detailed coverage for specific industries.

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