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A professional writer since 2002, Kara has covered a wide range of topics and styles for her clients. Styles include B2B, B2C, How-tos, General articles, reviews, interviews, reporting, and blogging.

Topics have included consumer, housing, finance, parenting/family, dating/relationships/marriage, food/cooking/nutrition, health/medicine, legal, news, politics, human interest, lifestyle, celebrity, media/tv/film/music, faith/religion.

Though many clients have requested ghost-writing or work-for-hire, some that may be named include AOL, Yahoo! and Independent Journal Review. Kara has also worked for medical companies, law firms, and celebrities.

The author of 7 ebooks and a contributing writer to one book in print, Kara has also had multiple articles garner over one million views, be shared on social media by celebrities and be picked up by other media outlets.
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The topics Kara has covered the most in her career include news, politics, human interest, health, medicine, nutrition, celebrity, marketing, and relationships.


News, literature, film, horses, archery, cooking, health & medicine, music, dance, sewing, crafting, gardening, DIY, camping, 4x4, science, history and comic books.


Utah State University

Kara was an honor roll student who interned at the on-campus housing & finance counseling center. She ran and taught HUD first time home buyer workshops. She was a member of the local CDBG group. She also wrote one article of a series on finance and student loans for the university newspaper.

Additionally, multiple professors asked her to teach classes for them related to university-developed finance software and finance in general. She also taught the software class to professors and university staff.

Kara was also recruited to create and narrate two segments of an orientation course for freshman developed by the university. Her segments were on student loans and personal finance.

Kara passed the AFCPE exam.


3,000 Projects Completed

A large portion of Kara's career has involved writing about politics for a variety of clients, including AOL, Yahoo! and Independent Journal Review (IJR). Some have wanted a straight-news approach, while others have wanted a partisan viewpoint on issues in the news. Kara covered an election debate for Yahoo! and garnered attention from several politicians with her writing for IJR.

Some clients were not politics-oriented but did request that Kara take a hot political topic and mold it into something of interest for their audience.


1,000 Projects Completed

Kara has written about health issues for a number of clients, focusing on hot health topics in the news, prescription medicine recalls, how nutrition affects health and alternative medicine approaches for good health. Kara wrote 6 health/medicine/alternative health e-books for one client under a work-for-hire contract.


750 Projects Completed

Kara has covered the world of entertainment from what's hot in the news to celebrities getting attention from social media posts to interviews with up-and-comers. Silly, controversial or profound, entertainment news has been one of the staples of Kara's writing work.

Usually Kara's clients have requested a straight-news reporting approach to entertainment coverage, however, some have had a particular slant in mind regarding the story.

Blog Post

3,000 Projects Completed

Kara's career has been filled with blog post and general article writing. The styles and topics have varied, with some requiring SEO and others wanting a more "natural voice" approach. Many blog posts written by Kara have been ghost-written, under a pen name or under a work-for-hire contract. Some NDAs have been put into place.

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