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Lauren is an experienced copywriter and editor with a background in content marketing. She worked in a Boston-based marketing agency for four years, first as a copywriter and later as a marketing editor. She has been a freelance writer for two years, crafting original content to meet her clients' marketing needs.

She is highly skilled in content creation across format (blogs, emails, website copy, social media, articles, ebooks, and videos scripts), has a knack for narrative, and loves diving into research to produce rich and thoughtful content.
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Marketing; specifically about inbound strategies, SEO, social media marketing, video marketing, digital marketing strategies, and content creation.

Outdoors and recreation; specifically about skiing, hiking, and camping.

Real estate; specifically about properties in the Colorado marketplace.

Travel; specifically travel in European cities and the United States, budget travel, and vacation planning.


Travel, Outdoors, Music, Real estate, Green living, Books, Food and nutrition, and Wine.


Virginia Tech

Lauren received degrees in Creative Writing and Professional Writing from Virginia Tech in 2010. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and made Dean's List for six consecutive semesters. She was won third place in the 2009 Virginia Tech Literary Awards for a creative short fiction story.


412 Projects Completed

Lauren worked as a content writer for a marketing agency for four years, writing daily content for the website. Additionally, she has written over 50 for marketing clients as a freelance writer, covering SEO, Google's algorithms, inbound marketing, video strategies, visual design, website optimization, marketing analytics, and content strategies.


46 Projects Completed

She has written travel articles for magazines, as well as commercial and blog content for travel companies’ websites. She can write narrative pieces about destinations, how-tos on planning and budgeting, list articles about what to do while on vacation, or website copy for landing pages to promote products or services.


25 Projects Completed

Her writing experience includes at least 25 projects for clients in the outdoor and recreation industry. Her areas of expertise include skiing, hiking, backpacking, and camping. She is an outdoor enthusiast and does a lot of hiking in her free time. She grew up in Colorado and has a lot of knowledge about local ski resorts and conditions, but also lived on the East Coast and knows about the industry in the Northeast.

Blog Post

431 Projects Completed

As a copywriter for a marketing agency and as a freelance writer, Lauren has written hundreds of blog posts for clients. She can handle both shorter articles to support clients' SEO goals and keyword optimization, as well as long-form pieces to drive reader engagement and promote thought leadership. All of her blog posts are optimized for readability on the web, user experience, and Google's search algorithms.

Email Copy

30 Projects Completed

Lauren has worked on numerous email campaigns for clients in marketing and the non-profit sector. She is skilled at honing in on brand voice, so the emails blend in seamlessly with your other marketing materials, and also crafting copy to support your marketing goals (lead generation, engagement, brand awareness, conversions).


17 Projects Completed

Lauren has written long-form articles for clients in marketing, food and nutrition, real estate, and outdoors and recreation. She writes pieces delve into the requested subject-matter with a narrative style that hooks readers and keeps them engaged throughout the piece.

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