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Are you tired of trying to constantly educate your writer on how basic marketing techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and e-commerce digital advertising work?

Landra is an expert in helping online brands create engaging and informative content designed to delight and impress. Her experience as a professional content writer spans nearly fifteen years. She has two associate’s degrees (Business and Marketing) and has worked for multiple marketing agencies as both a writer, web developer, and overall operations manager.

Previous to her tenure in digital advertising, Landra began her career in the insurance industry. Starting as an office assistant in her teen years, she later became a licensed agent and then a claims adjuster for a major auto carrier.

When it comes to flexibility, there isn’t a topic Landra cannot handle with professionalism and a flair for the unexpected. From somewhat dry topics in the utility sphere to ghostwriting fiction, she can create the ideal post or piece of content for your needs.

When she isn’t drinking tons of coffee and writing delightful content for her clients, Landra enjoys reading, vacations at the beach, hanging out with her two awesome sons, and playing with her furry kiddos—a hungry Labrador, a curious Australian Shepherd, and the Yorkie who thinks he rules the place. (And he does.)
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Landra specializes in many types of writing including blog posts, web content, marketing emails, resume writing, and press releases. She is extremely skilled in keyword research, search engine optimization, and creating content to get your website ranked.

While she is skilled at nailing the tone and voice of nearly any type of project, she is especially great at: digital marketing, insurance, financial services, eCommerce, home/family, and business topics.


When she isn’t helping clients get their biggest bang for their marketing buck, Landra is usually traveling, at the beach, or reading. She is also a marketing geek, consistently learning new methods to help her clients achieve optimum success.

Landra lives in Oklahoma with her significant other and is a mom to two boys who are less than a year apart. She is also a proud pet parent to three very spoiled dogs and two cats that think they're dogs.


Tulsa Community College

Landra proudly holds an Associate's Degree in Business from Tulsa Community College.

Tulsa Community College

Landra proudly holds an Associate's Degree in Marketing from Tulsa Community College.


1,640 Projects Completed

Landra has an extensive amount of experience in the insurance industry. Starting her career as an office assistant for an agency while still in high school, she later became a licensed agent before working as a liability claims adjuster for a national carrier.


1,098 Projects Completed

Landra writes frequently for veterinary clinics and animal welfare groups. She is an expert at crafting blog posts and evergreen content that are search engine optimized while still giving the reader plenty of information.


1,091 Projects Completed

One of Landra's specialties is writing for the construction industry. From extensively detailed cost guides to blog posts for general contractors, she has the knowledge and understanding to get the job done right. On a personal level, she practically grew up on a job site as the daughter of a custom homebuilder and the owner of a pest control business.


1,014 Projects Completed

Landra has worked with multiple eCommerce marketing agencies around the globe to create amazing content. From blog posts about eCommerce strategy to engaging product and category descriptions, she understands the process of selling to the masses and making it sound good along the way.

Web Development

1,010 Projects Completed

With over a decade of freelance content creation experience, Landra Lynn has an extensive web development background and can help guide a team through the process from start to finish. She has worked in the industry as an operations manager of a marketing firm and moonlighted as a project manager for an e-commerce design agency. In addition, she is also a digital marketing student familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, and many other aspects of site creation.


1,000 Projects Completed

Landra started her professional career as a craft and hobbies writer nearly fifteen years ago. She's worked with major paint and yarn brands, including creating copy for craft store leaflets and programs.


322 Projects Completed

Landra has worked with beauty brands around the globe to create optimized eCommerce content including blog posts, product descriptions, category descriptions, and more.


299 Projects Completed

In the past, Landra has worked with utility companies all over the globe creating highly technical content. Her experience includes solar installation firms, large scale power companies, water distribution networks, and many others.


258 Projects Completed

Past projects include social media posts for restaurants, articles on wine, and eCommerce content for a cookware manufacturers.

Blog Post

3,742 Projects Completed

Landra has written thousands of blog posts for both individual bloggers and companies on a wide range of topics.


2,164 Projects Completed

Landra has written thousands of articles for clients over the last decade. She can handle nearly any topic, ranging from very simple lifestyle pieces to highly technical manufacturing and B2B content.

Web Page

1,898 Projects Completed

Landra's experience writing evergreen web content spans well over a decade.


537 Projects Completed

Landra is experienced in writing effective and entertaining Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and much more.


262 Projects Completed

Your bio page is an important extension of your digital marketing. Whether you need help with wording on a resume or profiles for your entire team, Landra can help you get the job done.

White Paper

201 Projects Completed

No matter what your industry, Landra can help write and assemble a white paper that is both interesting to read and includes all of the pertinent data and details.

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