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Mark is currently a Content QA analyst, editor, and contract writer for a digital curriculum company. He composes essays, poems, stories, and articles that are aimed at at unique audiences that comprise K-12. He prides himself in quick turn-arounds, often completing month-long assignments in three days with minimal editing required. For a time, he was hired full-time to the writing team to complete a backlog of peices, but returned to contract after the backlog was completed. During that time, he also wrote video scripts for educational videos.

Mark is currently a contributor for Bloomboard, a vast archive of educational "collections" free for public use. It does not require lengthy assignments, but must capture internet user's attention and interests.

Mark's formal education was writing-intensive, culminating in a Masters in Philosophy from Duquesne University. This degree not only demands an ability to understand some of the most difficult piece of the English language, but it also demands the ability to re-write such complicated work into an understandable, concise text. His ability to break down sophisticated ideas and explain them in popular forms of writing, from informative to satirical, is well-developed. Works are polished, free of grammatical errors and misspellings, sources are well-vetted, and required editing is minimal.

Between college philosophy programs, Mark ventured out as a website contributor for The Pittsburgh Dish. The Pittsburgh Dish was a site that highlighted events in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and included, restaurant reviews, activities to explore, etc. His articles were well-received. Mark's works authored for The Pittsburgh Dish were unique- press releases that were satirically written but chronically true events. They were absurd, and appreciated enough to grant him his own category on the site's landing page. He stopped writing for the Dish upon marriage, work, and school, and the site was discontinued.

Undergraduate work at John Carroll University was dominated by credits in philosophy, history, literature, and education, all of which were writing-intensive and focused on different styles, audiences, and where graded by vastly different criteria.

In high school, Mark was a standout writer in the gifted program and took home awards in competitions including National History Day. His senior project was publishing an article in American Heritage magazine, but the publication had too many submissions on the topic of World War II to accomodate the peice.

Overall, Mark has written to very diverse audiences and is able to reach any ear and capture the attention of a target audience. His departure from philosophy had much to do with the form of the writing tuned only to students and professors of philosophy, turning down a TA position with the chair of the department. His interests and knowledge bases acquired in the last few decades are diverse and well-developed to the point of being an authority in his specialties and interests.
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