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Along with her educational background, Kaitlyn's employment experience also qualifies her to write in a variety of subject areas.

Kaitlyn's experience as a licensed health insurance agent focusing on the retired Medicare-eligible population uniquely qualifies her to engage with medical consumers in a straightforward and educated manner. She can explain complex issues in common language for those who do not understand the jargon associated with the content under discussion.

Kaitlyn has been published in several literary journals and also released her own poetry collection. For the past several years, she has taken an active part in local arts, often making appearances at open mics and writing workshops where she has showcased her own creative writing and supported the development of other authors.

Kaitlyn's personal interests extend to etymology and linguistics, how language has changed over time in the words we use and how we use them, including modern dialects and differences between speaking and writing styles. She served as an adjunct lecturer at UW-Parkside, teaching reading comprehension and introductory composition in the English and Learning Assistance departments.
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Internal communications, informational articles, business writing, blogging, creative writing


Creating public relations and consumer-facing educational documentation for medical interests.
Contract assignments supporting arts communities, especially utilizing grant writing.
Research into word origins and language development, contributing to scholarly journals.


University of Wisconsin - Parkside

Kaitlyn graduated with a B.A. in English with a writing concentration and a Business minor.


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Kaitlyn has written online articles for clients who have provided word count and topic requirements. These articles were also assigned with a short turn-around time, often in the span of a few hours. While this is not one of Kaitlyn's preferred content areas, she has adapted to meet the needs of clients and performed research to obtain the necessary information to complete these type of web articles.

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0 Projects Completed

Since 2010, Kaitlyn has periodically maintained a personal blog. Over the years, she has shared etymological information on a variety of common words and phrases, as well as poetry she has written. This blog has been a personal project that she comes back to time and time again between her other writing projects.

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