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Writing is Julie's lifeblood. She holds a BA in Creative Writing and an MA in Technical Communication (she is currently taking Medical Communication and web development courses). Julie loves new topics and enjoys researching any topic, old or new. She has written for many online websites in various industries including academia, business, cannabis, marijuana, and education. Julie enjoys communicating and working with her clients and her work is impeccable. Julie's goal is to make her writing style fit any business or goal and work with the client to produce the perfect written product for the client's needs. Julie can write website content and internal or external documentation; bios, resumes and cover letters; blogs, articles, vlog scripts; ebooks, and technical or medical content or articles. Julie loves a writing challenge, so throw one her way!
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Website content, news and industry articles in all types of industry, medical writing, business writing, current and timely news article writing, in-depth research article writing, and creative writing. Julie has been published in Bust Magazine and various short story anthologies, as well as on many business and news websites. Julie has written content for many business websites, and been published internationally.


Julie is interested in your project, whatever it may be -- she truly enjoys writing about cutting edge products, projects, and new ideas in any realm or industry.


Boston University

Julie has been accepted to Boston University's exclusive Medical Communication program and will begin in the fall of 2017.

University of Colorado at Boulder

Julie's experience at CU Boulder was the inspiration for a lifetime of writing that has taken her down many different paths. She began writing short stories and still does -- her most recent anthology will be available on Amazon in summer of 2017. Her studies in Spanish, literature, and anthropology have always inspired her to dig deeper into language, culture, and her writing projects.

University of Minnesota Mankato

Julie earned her Tech Comm Master's degree a few years ago to make her writing more applicable to business, technology, and website writing. Since gaining this experience and degree, her career has taken off, and she truly enjoys writing about technology and business.


Julie is learning many web development skills at Skillcrush to augment her considerable writing and editing talents. She will complete the program by December of 2017 and is looking forward to adding web development skills to her resume.


72 Projects Completed

Julie's experience writing for businesses, both online and off, is extensive and extremely effective. Julie has written business proposals, many business web content articles and blogs, and marketing pieces for different industries. Julie understands what makes businesses tick, what her clients are looking for, and how to reach an audience with expert and well-researched information that helps a business reach its goals. Julie can write any or all of the content for a business website and enjoys making technical jargon or complicated processes easy for clients and investors to understand and enjoy.


54 Projects Completed

Julie has researched, written, and edited numerous medical articles and academic documents in the field of health and healthcare for various industries.


30 Projects Completed

Julie has been writing marketing pieces as well as product descriptions, website content, and SEO specialized content for five years. She enjoys learning about her audience and researching businesses and their products, then targeting that audience with exceptional website content, articles, and vlog scripts.

Blog Post

178 Projects Completed

Julie's primary online writing experience has been in blogs and articles written for various business and news websites, many associated with the cannabis and hemp industries. She has her own, individual voice and style, and is excellent at engaging her audience without talking down to them. Her audiences have always responded to the intelligence and uniqueness of her writing, often taking the time to respond to her blogs/articles and ask questions. Julie answers each and every one of her comments from readers, and has even interviewed some of them for other blogs or articles.

Web Page

39 Projects Completed

Julie's experience in writing content for web pages and websites is considerable. For the past five years, she has written for different businesses, providing blogs and articles that are published on a weekly basis. Julie's web content is adjusted for SEO in most cases and has gained many of her clients a regular readership due to her in-depth, focused, and engaging content writing.

Product Description

14 Projects Completed

Julie has written product descriptions occasionally over the course of her writing career, and enjoys explaining the finer points of a product's excellence to the target audience in question. Julie's descriptions are accurate, readable, enjoyable, and engaging, and often lead to purchases. Julie can describe products in a singular, unique, and tantalizing manner that draws consumers in and leads to more reading on a particular page.

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