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IT background: A professional who tinkered with computers, the internet, stereos, and other consumer tech as a kid in the 90's.

Professional IT experience: 8 years in the US Navy as an Information Systems Technician (IT), honorable discharge with medical follow-up. 15 years as a small business IT consultant, field services technician for home and small business tech support, and tier 2 support agent in Microsoft's Xbox department.

Writing experience: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and technical briefs in the US Navy. Civilian writing includes technical writing for whitepapers and maintenance briefs, as well as tech industry news and Op-ed contribution.

Personal writing includes short stories and (attempts at) full novels, ranging from traditional hard sci-fi and high fantasy to urban fantasy and magical sci-fi. The weirder the genre, the better.

Education: An Associates Degree Information Technology, but the electives are supplemented with enough English and Literature credits to push for an English degree. IT by trade, but writer by passion.
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SEO article writing, product reviews, whitepapers, technical manuals technical discussions, and military fantasy, and rewriting.


Computer design, online gaming, Japanese animation, and snacks from around the world.

So many snacks.


Horry-Georgetown Technical College

An IT degree stuffed with as much wishful writing and art electives as possible--and then some!


2,001 Projects Completed

Reviews and previews of games for consoles and PC. Discussions of gameplay tactics and techniques, such as in-depth class or playstyles. Expertise in healing on Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games since 2001.


248 Projects Completed

Michael is an Information Systems Technician by trade, but grew up in technology and was tinkering long before he was able to receive a paycheck. He grew up building computers to play games and watch anime in the late 90's.

More importantly, he grew up trying to get rid of viruses and fix mistakes that he made before his parents found out. With 15 years in the IT industry, those days of tinkering have long since paid off.

His specific career is in system administration, with military experience that took him into Network Administration, cryptography, transmission systems technology (think antennas, military radios, and ships with big communications gear). In his civilian career, he does everything from small business system design to working as a tier 2 technician for technical support companies and ISPs.

His hobby remains gaming and keeping a system that can handle the latest games. This keeps him up to date with computer hardware, viruses, operating systems, collaboration apps to stay competitive in raiding, and blogging.


3,271 Projects Completed

News, reviews, and upcoming events. Most of Michael's articles cover consumer electronics, cyber security, cloud services, and big data.

Gaming industry news, new game reviews, gaming industry controversies (such as lootbox legislation and everything happening with Fallout 76) are just a few options.

Blog Post

1,509 Projects Completed

Blogging for multiple industries and interests. Main blogging focus includes: online gaming, computer components, cyber security, internet culture, and internet service provider discussions.

Secondary blogging interests include: Japanese animation (anime), Japanese collectible toys/dolls/displays/models, bartending, cooking, haute couture.

Blogging ventures started by clients: Personal injury law, veterans affairs claims and appeals, real estate, travel, and manufacturing.

Web Page

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Overall site layout and web copywriting.

He is an IT consultant with small business deployment experience.

In addition to writing descriptions for pages such as About Us, Contact Us, and specific product/service pages, he also helps companies that don't know how to divide their pages and services in the first place.

Along with writing content, he has also helped multiple managed IT service and general tech companies figure out new products and services to market, and I can be convinced to join the tech support team given enough notice.

White Paper

4 Projects Completed

Completed whitepapers for both internal use and public dissemination.

Topics include app design and use, data pulls, data validity, conventional and experimental use of hardware firewalls and network appliances, and visual novels.

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