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Stasey has been writing for the web for over 20 years. She has five years of ad agency experience, where she was responsible for bringing in millions of dollars with her creative prowess--including ad copy, email campaigns, web content, new business pitches and direct mail pieces. She was known there as "The Tagline Machine," and because of her ability to wow the client, Stasey was central to every new business effort the agency sought, winning blue chip clients and even an Addy award.

Stasey has been freelancing for many years as well, making it her goal to learn and master the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copy. Stasey believes writing SEO is an art, because the copy must flow seamlessly while still compelling the reader to that all-important call to action -- without the text having the appearance of keyword stuffing.

Stasey's work appears on hundreds of web sites in the form of written content, meta data for search engines, PPC (pay-per-click) ads, sales pages, ads for ebooks, full-blown web sites, banners, taglines, SEO articles and catalogs.

She has won awards from various newspapers for her creative writing.


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Stasey T's Script/Video Product Experience

3 Projects Completed

Stasey has written introductory scripts for Internet podcasts, all of which were used word-for-word by the client.

Industry Projects

  • Marketing10+
  • Humor10+
  • Legal10+
  • Health10+
  • Pets7
  • Business5
  • Auto5
  • High Tech3
  • Gaming1
  • Banking1

Summary of Industry Experience


Stasey has written product descriptions for catalog items including decor, toys, bedding and bath accessories. She cut her teeth on writing product descriptions for long distance package offerings for the world's first dial-around (Excel), long since out-dated. From there, she wrote in layman's terms for the call center employees who would have to explain certain packages to callers who were unfamiliar with the offerings and packages. Since that time, Stasey has written for a myriad of online catalogs.


Stasey has written several keyword articles for ebook authors, containing humor as the central element. Her pre-sales page for Match.com was noted by many as being "laugh out loud funny."

When Stasey found herself with an assignment of writing 30 SEO articles on urban chicken coops, humor was her savior. With Stasey's imagination and unorthodox sense of humor combined, the end result was assignment completed - and the client falling on her face laughing.


Stasey has a knack for capturing the essence of the types of law practices, the attorneys' philosophies, as well as the tone conveyed. She has written full web sites (content and SEO) for lawyers specializing in bankruptcy, divorce, and child custody lawyers--and has even tackled the tricky subject of DUI and crime.


Stasey has written numerous articles on health, including advice on how to purchase equipment, running or climbing gear or start a new health regime. She has produced copy on types of teas that are good for the body and mind, as well as a published piece on how to work out at home with no equipment--even how to stay physically active when unemployed.


Stasey has written web sites for kennels, dog adoption agencies and informative articles on specific breeds--requiring her to use her impeccable research skills. Stasey has the added advantage of being an animal advocate and dog lover, so she enjoys projects where she can write about our furry friends.


In her capacity as Editorial Director at a worldwide ad agency based in Dallas, Stasey has been involved in numerous Statements of Work, where goals and objectives for a project were outlined and documented. These documents evolved from discovery meetings with account directors who had close relationships with clients and prospective clients. As a freelancer, Stasey has produced SOWs independently for clients including Ag-Power and Tammy Lane Productions.


Before joining WriterAccess, one of Stasey's main clients was a major auto dealer known worldwide. She wrote the monthly newsletter for opt-ins, as well as product "reveal" landing pages, site and email content.

Stasey has contributed to award-winning creative for both Toyota and Lexus, from new product reveals to the content on their respective web sites. It was Stasey's assigned duty at the agency where she worked to write the monthly Toyota Racing Development newsletter, which involved interviewing race car drivers and Toyota personnel.

High Tech

Stasey believes that keeping up with technology is a must and the mainstay of her continuing ability to write about new high-tech concepts and offerings. She has written user help files, user FAQs, program installation steps and process documentation for quality assurance test plans and test cases. Stasey is one who does read new release notes for updates to her software. She is self-taught with HTML and CSS.


Stasey has crafted articles with regard to fishing, because it is one of her favorite sports. This article was an easy A for Stasey; however, it is Stasey's policy to perform all the research necessary to write about any sport or game she has not had experience with, and she still hits the mark! This was the case at the ad agency, where Stasey found herself writing help files for online games for the Sony gameboy!


This client specified the purpose of this PPC (pay-per-click) campaign was to inform community bank and credit union presidents, IT folks, marketing department, etc. on the ROI and effectiveness of online advertising around the "leave your bank" media. They requested an informal, humorous message that would be served upon the reader clicking the PPC tag "Click Here to Leave Your Bank," which was also created by Stasey.

Product Projects

  • Catalog20+
  • Script/Video3

Summary of Product Experience


Stasey has written a multitude of product descriptions for catalogs including home decor, bath and bed accessories and fashion accents for the home.


Stasey has written introductory scripts for Internet podcasts, all of which were used word-for-word by the client.

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