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Having worked in many aspects of non-traditional higher education, from the bookstore to the cafeteria to academic advising, her background gives her insight into how people approach trying to better themselves. She frequently encountered students as young as their early teens and ones who had great-grandchildren. An ethnically diverse group, these students approached their barriers with unique challenges around time, money and culture that often go unseen in mainstream media.
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Niagara University

A complete study of the principles of Business Management with an emphasis on servant leadership. This degree was paired with a minor in Theatre Studies as well as a concentration in technology. In addition, the internship component was a vital part of Niagara University's student leadership program, with work completed still being utilized today.

Southern New Hampshire University

This degree covered many issues in human resource and management of organizations including marketing, compensation, technology, and organizational change. This degree enabled several projects to be completed for local NPO's under the guidance of skilled, industry practiced professors.


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One of the top online colleges Southern New Hampshire University offers people of all ages the ability to attend college. A game changer for many, these students have needs that differ from traditional students. Often unprepared for what a college education means, and years out of school, they need a consistent voice of stability. It is necessary to create on-the-fly how-to guides as well as model and correct language usage. A comprehensive understanding of different backgrounds, education, and cultural influences is necessary in order to facilitate written communication.

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15 Projects Completed

Ghostwriting for well-known blog provider which enables better SEO results. Specialized in education, retail and NPO topics. These articles are re-posted to clients blogs often under a different name, per the client's wishes. Articles consist of 250+ words and are completed in about 30 minutes. Acceptance rate in line with site average of 90%.

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