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Suzette started writing for a content site in April 2017. She has written and been paid for 19 articles so far. She has been writing since the age of 13, though her earlier writing had not been published.

Other experiences include having worked various jobs over the years, such as retail, medical transcription, and substitute teaching. She also sells handmade jewelry and accessories on Etsy in her free time.
Home Living


Suzette's specialties tie in with her interests, with an emphasis on home and creative living.


Her interests are sewing, making jewelry, anything about cats, anything home-related, learning new things about the world and about herself, DIYing safer and more natural products for everyday uses, shopping, and finding fun ways to be better prepared for emergencies.


University of Houston, Clear Lake

This writer started out pursuing Commercial art as a study and possible career. To broaden her horizons, she also took video and film making where she learned her strength lies in writing. Her education has been pretty diverse, even briefly studying Psychology.

Home Living

5 Projects Completed

Suzette has written at least 5 articles for a content site concerning ways to improve home living. One article deals with organizing one's desk to improve productivity. Another article demonstrates ways to organize a kitchen. Other articles cover ways to make a small bathroom look bigger through the use of mosaic tiles, using round rugs to make a small room appear larger, design trends for 2017, and walk-in closets.


4 Projects Completed

Suzette has written an article on family mental health issues, an article on the benefits of an Epsom salt bath, one exploring the advantages of ADHD, and one article on how to protect oneself from the sun. She has also written an article cautioning about carbon monoxide poisoning.


2 Projects Completed

Suzette has so far written 2 articles about pets, cats in particular. One article covers National Cat Day and how it started as a way to raise awareness about homeless and/or abused cats and to celebrate our love for these wonderful creatures. The other article explores the best cat condos on the market. Suzette would love the opportunity to write more articles about her favorite animal.


19 Projects Completed

The content in the majority of articles involves interior decor and organizing. Other articles range in subject from National Cat Day to Reasons to move to Houston.

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