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Stacy A. has a widely diverse background with more than 30 years of combined experience in many facets of professional writing, art administration, and paralegal assistance as well as her latest endeavor, Organizational Psychology. Her legal experience encompasses entertainment, criminal and family law disciplines.

Stacy A. was general manager of the Institute of Mosaic Art for five years. Her executive duties included writing and maintaining the company's blog, writing product descriptions for the Institute's store, Mosaic Art Supply, writing class descriptions and conducting and writing artist interviews and biographies .

In her early 20s, Stacy A. cooked at and managed the Interurban Eating House restaurant and owned, "Artichoke" a catering company. She has extensive food and nutrition writing experience and specializes in writing about the health benefits of vegetarianism. Stacy currently maintains a blog for vegans called, "The Vegan Edge."

A former musician herself, Stacy has a decades-long background in the music industry, including years of experience in entertainment law industry where she began as an administrative assistant to the CEO and graduated into the fascinating area of marketing burgeoning musical acts, authors and actors. Stacy worked alongside a former member of the acclaimed 1960's rock group, "Spirit" who is now a Houston entertainment attorney and participated in many different arenas in the entertainment industry.

Stacy A. is a proficient writer of her native English language, a poet and short story writer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Creative Writing and Psychology, from Marylhurst University, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and an Master of Organizational Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University.

Stacy currently works full time as a freelance writer/editor and visual artist and possesses a wide range of writing skills from SEO content writing to ghostwriting entire books. Her studio, Silverthorn Studios in Portland, Oregon is the site for mosaic and painting classes, as well as the site where Stacy creates a wide array of mixed media mosaics and other types of art.

Stacy is currently working on a novel set in New England where she lived for many years, and a vegetarian cookbook. She writes monthly horoscopes and relationship advice for a popular website, and is the preferred project writer for a regular array of repeat customers in the private sector and in various online writing venues. She works quickly, efficiently and accurately and can do a great job for any writing needs you may have.


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Stacy A's Health Industry Experience

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This author has been hired previously by physicians and medical organizations to research and write articles about plastic surgery and other surgical procedures from the layperson's perspective. She recently traveled to Mexico to conduct research about medical tourism. While there, she witnessed several cosmetic surgery procedures and took copious notes that are currently being transcribed for an international fashion magazine.

Industry Projects

  • Health100+
  • Kids/Family100+
  • Craft100+
  • Food100+
  • Entertainment100+
  • Travel100+
  • Women100+
  • Nutrition100+
  • Spirituality50+
  • Green Living50+
  • Beauty20+
  • Education10+

Summary of Industry Experience


This author has been hired previously by physicians and medical organizations to research and write articles about plastic surgery and other surgical procedures from the layperson's perspective. She recently traveled to Mexico to conduct research about medical tourism. While there, she witnessed several cosmetic surgery procedures and took copious notes that are currently being transcribed for an international fashion magazine.


The author has been guest blogger on a number of online blogs that feature articles about kids and family.


The author has extensive experience as a craft teacher, student, writer and demonstrator. She has worked for art schools, teaching various mosaic art techniques as well as mixed media art techniques. She has contributed to magazines and books and has ghostwritten a number of books for artists, and has also compiled lists of craft supplies. The author has compiled entire craft kits that have been sold as "do it yourself" endeavors, and has experience writing art supply catalog descriptions.


This writer has much experience in the restaurant industry, both as a cook and as a manager. She has written restaurant reviews for many different publications and is the author of a vegan food blog. Additionally, she is currently in the process of writing a cookbook that converts meat-based meals into vegetarian meals.


This author has experience working for an entertainment law firm. It was her job, at the time, to market up and coming musicians, writers, actors and others in the entertainment industry by writing biographical and promotional materials that would accompany the entertainer's press releases and other promo packages that were presented to major record labels, directors, publishers, producers and others who were instrumental in furthering the entertainers' careers. The writer was in charge of the law firm's weekly blog and other written publications that pertained to the entertainment industry, including reviews.


This author is a world traveler who currently writes 30 travel articles a week on a regular basis. Her last trip was to Mexico where she conducted research on medical tourism for a major magazine. She has traveled extensively in Europe and across Asia, Australia, Canada and the United States, sampling different cultures and cuisines. She is highly qualified with over 20 years of writing experience and would love to write any travel articles that you may require.


This author has ghostwritten hundreds of articles that pertain to women health, rights, lifestyles, music, motherhood,et al.


This author specializes in writing articles about vegan and vegetarian diets and nutrition. She is a 40+ year vegetarian and has many associations with vegetarian societies across America. This author has written about many areas of nutrition, both in terms of reduction dieting and in terms of general health.


This author composed an entire series of articles for a spiritual organization in Australia. She has worked as a regular ghost writer for a spiritual publication in the United States and has written more than 14 full-length articles that were published over the last year. She has more than 20 years of experience as a writer and would love to handle any writing projects that you might have on the subject of spirituality.

Green Living

This author has experience writing for 14 different clients in the Green Living category She has written articles about everything from converting algae to fuel to ways in which to re-purpose garbage into art. The author's own lifestyle has imparted invaluable knowledge of the subject which is one that she feels passionate about.


In her two years of graduate-level research experience pertaining to all-natural cosmetics, Stacy A. was responsible for testing and writing product reviews and, as requested by the Pangea Organics and Aveda Cosmetic companies.

Stacy has also written on popular contemporary beauty topics such as Botox Cosmetic, hair products, microdermabrasion and cosmetic surgery.


Stacy was instrumental in the research and writing of, "A Survivor's Guide to College Writing," by Dr. John E. Freed of the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. She was additionally instrumental in writing an ad campaign for a major university in Southern California and wrote catalog descriptions for an entire section of the university's English and Creative Writing classes. She currently holds a writing position with a university in Russia and writes projects on an "as needed" basis.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article100+
  • Press Release50+
  • Speech20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Stacy has worked as a guest blogger for many online blogs including those that focus on travel, restaurant reviews, psychology, law, art, family issues, dating, women's issues and others. She has more than 20 years experience as a professional writer and has written regular blog entries for SEO projects.


Author has written many different articles for a wide variety of clients and publications. Specialty areas include education, nutrition, vegetarianism, healthy lifestyles, travel writing, restaurant reviews and other topics as required by a broad, international client base. Author has been on retainer with a leading European university for more than 4 years, providing articles about a variety of topics pertaining to early childhood education. Author has been hired by various government agencies in a number of different countries to write about tourist attractions and other types of travel writing.

Press Release

The author has extensive experience in the entertainment industry where she put together promotional packages that helped market up and coming entertainment acts to the record and movie industries. Types of information written by the author included artist biographies, press releases, record jacket descriptions, lists, tour dates, artist descriptions for websites, brochures and concert materials.


Author worked as assistant writer to a renowned college professor in Houston, Texas, and was assigned many speech writing duties for the entire adult education department. Speeches ranged from topical subjects that had to do with distance learning, adult education and other related issues, as well as motivational speeches that were geared toward encouraging students to go into academic vocations. The author also wrote speeches for the psychology department that primarily dealt with the subject of childhood development. Much of her speech writing was used for college professors that were teaching classes on the various topics being written about.

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