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As a professional writer who delivers guaranteed quality content, exceeding expectations and raising the bar, Katie knows that she is qualified to help your company solve its content problems and address its marketing needs, thus producing the professional writing that you require and that your customers deserve.

Her experience, education, and character, in addition to her enthusiasm, originality, creativity, and consistency, are just a few of the valuable assets and beneficial contributions she guarantees to provide, thereby enhancing the ongoing growth and success of your company.

She realizes she can't perform in a marketing role with integrity if she first doesn’t market herself.

She is an articulate, goal-driven, and organized professional marketing content writer who aims to exceed professional expectations; she exceeded the expectations of the head of the English department during her senior year in college when she completed her Technical and Report Writing class with a final grade over 100%.

She has over 13 years of content writing experience by way of blogs, articles, web content, promotional copy, taglines, press releases, & more. Her writing experience will give you the versatility to confidently place her in any number of roles with multiple responsibilities, as she is very detail-oriented.

She believes you will find her experience and interests intriguing. She wants you to know that she will be a remarkable employee for your company when she becomes a member of your team. If you extend her an offer of employment, you’ll not only be making a hiring decision – you’ll be making an investment.
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Blogs * Slogans * Journalism Copy * E-commerce * Legal Appeals * Articles * Press Releases * eBooks * White Papers * Social Content * Tag Lines * Feature Writing * Headlines * Testimonials * Curated/Web Content * Grants * Blurbs * Promotional Copy * Letters/Memos * Advertising Copy * Banners


Accountants, Advertising & Public Relations, Air Transport, Airlines, Architectural Services, Attorneys & Law Firms, Banking, Mortgage, Banks, Commercial, Banks, Savings & Loans, Bars & Restaurants, Books, Magazines & Newspapers, Broadcasters, Radio & TV, Builders & General Contractors, Builders/Residential, Business Associations, Business Services, Civil Servants & Public Officials, Clergy & Religious Organizations, Colleges, Universities & Schools, Commercial Banks, Commercial TV & Radio Stations, Communications & Electronics, Credit Unions, Cruise Ships & Lines, Doctors & Other Health Professionals, Education, Entertainment Industry, Environment , Finance & Credit Companies, Finance, Insurance & Real Estate, Food & Beverage, Foundations, Philanthropists & Non-Profits, General Contractors, Government Employees, Health, Health Professionals Health Services & HMOs, Home Builders, Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Hotels, Motels & Tourism Human Rights, Ideological & Single-Issue, Insurance, Internet, Labor, Lawyers & Lobbyists, Lawyers & Law Firms, Lodging & Tourism, Misc Business, Misc Finance, Misc Manufacturing & Distributing, Misc Services, Motion Picture Production & Distribution, Music Production, Newspaper, Magazine & Book Publishing, Nursing Homes & Hospitals, Nutritional & Dietary Supplements, Other, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals & Health Products, Physicians & Other Health Professionals, Printing & Publishing, Private Equity & Investment Firms, Public Employees, Publishing & Printing, Radio & TV Stations, Real Estate Record Companies & Singers, Recorded Music & Music Production, Recreation & Live Entertainment, Religious Organizations & Clergy, Residential Construction, Restaurants & Drinking Establishments, Retail Sales, Savings & Loans, Schools & Education, Securities & Investment, Stock Brokers & Investment Industry, Student Loan Companies, Teachers & Education, Transportation, Trucking, TV, Movie, & Music, TV Production, Universities, Colleges & Schools, Women's Issues, Self-help & Productivity, Relationships & Families, Adult Psychology, Child Psychology, True Crime, Biographies & True Stories, Entertainment, History, Mental Health & Mental Illness (including alcoholism and addiction), Spirituality & Christianity, Childhood Abuse & Trauma


Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities

Katie achieved a completion certificate from Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities after successfully graduating from their professional career development program called WorkNet.

Robert Morris University

During her college career at Robert Morris University, and due to her academic achievements, Katie made placement on the RMU Dean's Honor list 4 different times.

In addition, she made a significant, "GPA boosting" achievement, when she finished her 'Technical Report Writing & Editing' class with a final grade that totaled over 100%.

She is presently pursuing grad school, where she aspires to earn a master's degree in Marketing or Creative Non-fiction.


498 Projects Completed

Despite the content writing she produced during previous years, Katie’s first real taste of the marketing industry came during her senior year in college when she was a marketing, advertising, and public relations intern at Bedlam Theater in Saint Paul, MN.

As an intern, she confirmed that working as a writer in marketing/advertising was her primary career objective.

Her most significant, professional accomplishment to date, occurred while she worked at the Theatre, and became solely responsible for writing social media marketing and advertising content. For the first three months of her internship, Katie’s content was solely responsible for generating over 50% of the revenue the theatre brought in.

During her spare time, Katie took the initiative to learn and educate herself about the marketing and advertising industries.

She decided to register for online marketing and advertising courses, and completed all the required assignments with a passing grade, listened to the entirety of every lecture, and passed all required exams on the following sites: LinkedIn.com, HubSpot.com, Freelancer.com, & Udemy.com. Because of these classes and her academic achievements, she is now certified in 10 unique ways for the marketing and advertising industries:

-Inbound Marketing
-Content Marketing
-Marketing Fundamentals
-Google AdWords
-English Language & Grammar
-Creating an Editorial Calendar
-Top 10 Social Media Management Tools
-Academic Writing

While she continued to educate herself, she applied for freelance writing projects and assignments via different online platforms.

Once registered as a freelance writer, Katie consistently produced quality content. In less than two months, Katie advanced from a level 1 writer to a level 4 writer due to the considerable number of sales of her quality content.

Moving on in her career, Katie worked temporarily as a Marketing Specialist at West Academic Publishing to aid the marketing team with launching a new campaign. With her assistance alone, the advertising and marketing team accumulated over 16,000 individual names of prospects for the sales team because of her extensive and thorough internet research.

Katie has had considerable marketing industry experience and looks forward to more!


155 Projects Completed

Katie’s involvement in the technology industry has given her a broader perspective regarding how content can be written and an awareness of the methods in which complex ideas can be put in layman’s terms.

As the technology industry is about information-orientation, gathering content, and testing ideas, Katie’s experience is substantial.

Katie has a BA in Professional and Technical Writing, and during her freelance writing career, wrote successful content in the following technology industry categories:

-IT and Data Security
-Consumer Goods/Retail
-Consumer Electronics

Katie’s previous technology industry content includes, but is not limited to:

1. Instructional documents (such as a user manual)
2. Proposals
3. Professional letters and memos
4. Press releases
5. Product descriptions
6. White papers
7. Website content


11 Projects Completed

Katie has had considerable experience working and writing for a wide array of various business industry clients.

As an example, while Katie was a freelance writer, she never knew where the next project would come from, what industry it would be for, or what subject/topic needed to be presented in the required content.

But projects continued coming, and the list of business industries she interacted with grew considerably. After freelance writing for only two months, Katie had interacted with the following business industries:

-Business Consulting
-IT & Data Security-Residential Real Estate
-Home Maintenance/Repair
-Marketing and Advertising
-Landscaping and Home Marketing
-…and twenty-one others.

Her business industry expertise is complete with responsibility and professionalism, as well as adherence to ethics.

Katie is a professional marketing content writer who delivers guaranteed quality content, exceeding expectations and raising the bar.


5 Projects Completed

Professional experience.


4 Projects Completed

Professional experience.

CBD Products

2 Projects Completed

Professional experience.


1 Projects Completed

Professional experience.


106 Projects Completed

Like the sophisticated pieces of content they should be, the articles in Katie's repertoire are factual and are full of information from interviews and/or extensive research.

During her freelance writing career, Katie has had endless opportunities to write articles. The industries, topics, clients, and distribution channels varied, but Katie faced the challenge and produced her guaranteed quality content every time, and thereby exceeded her client's expectations and raised the bar.

Blog Post

82 Projects Completed

Clients are often exceedingly satisfied when they review Katie's blog posts. Opinionated, short, focused on SEO, and casual, her blogs are engaging, enticing, and have exceptional CTA success rates. Written with competitive research results in mind, Katie uses Google Analytics to write successful content and profitable copy.

Web Page

69 Projects Completed

Web page content is written in AP style, focuses on SEO with active hyperlinks, and makes readers happy by painting a picture; the content doesn't have fluffy words. Katie loves telling stories because they do make people happy and that's what she enjoys about writing -- she has a chance to make people happy, and thereby change their life.

Most of the assignments and projects that Katie has done as a freelance writer have been for websites in way of blogs, articles, product reviews, promoted posts, company news/goals/targets/performance,

Press Release

3 Projects Completed

One press release I completed was a press release for Bedlam Theatre in 2017, notifying the public of an upcoming performance by a jazz entertainer by the name of Solomon Sessions.


2 Projects Completed

I wrote a grant for Stan Foster Media and the Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities.


1 Projects Completed

I currently have a book sold on Amazon which I completed with my co-author.

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