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Charles's journey as a writer and storyteller started in childhood, with a love of the science fiction movies "Aliens," and "Terminator," which inspired him to create his own tales. As an adult he attended Rutgers University where he learned about the craft of journalism and writing. His time there honed his hobby of fiction writing into a refined appreciation of crisp and to the point prose. Long after graduating he still keeps an up to date copy of the Associated Press Stylebook, which he has been known to check even when posting to his personal social media accounts.

Since graduating, Charles has had a varied work history in several different industries, though all related to business and logistics. He has been certified as a specialist in pet nutrition for both dogs and cats, and has helped out with several of his local animal rescues. Charles has indepth knowledge of various consumer technologies and has a history working with cellular contracts and sales.

Charles now hopes to turn his hobby of fiction writing into a career of non-fiction freelancing where he can grow and share his varied interests.
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Charles's specialties include blog posts, legal documents, press releases, and a strong adherence to the principles of objectivity in journalistic copy.


Charles is a proud eccentric with interests in numerous and varied topics. He particularly likes to focus on wildlife and environmental issues, science and technology, business, art, legal issues and current events. He is also obsessed with the art of storytelling and loves to keep up with new movies and television shows.


Ocean County College

Charles attended his local community college on the NJ STARS scholarship while preparing to transfer to Rutgers where he later finished his full bachelor's degree.

Rutgers University

While attending Rutgers University, Charles studied journalism and media with the School Of Communication and Information. He paid particular attention to new forms of media and the various effects that it can have on consumers. He also minored in psychology.

In his spare time, Charles volunteered with activist group "Water Watch," and worked alongside members of the related NJPIRG group. During his senior year, Charles interned as a production assistant with a local independent production company, Go Filmingo, on their film "Cold Blue Eternal."

Ocean County College

Charles returned to Ocean County College in 2013 to learn about the particulars behind working as a paralegal. He learned how to conduct legal research, as well as creating legal memorandums, briefs and other industry specific documentation. He also was inducted into the Lambda Epsilon Chi (LEX) paralegal honor society.


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Charles is a lifelong lover of nature and a regular hiker all over his home state of New Jersey. Growing up he was a member of the Boy Scouts of America where he learned an appreciation and understanding of nature, wildlife and self-sufficiency. He is well versed in camping, fishing, wildlife, plant identification, and of course the proper ways to stay safe while exploring the great outdoors.

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Charles is at his best when writing to a relaxed audience. He is a thorough researcher who enjoys learning about new topics for learning's sake, and is happy to share this knowledge with others.

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