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For over five years, Brandon has worked as a freelance writer for global content agencies and small businesses. In his line of work, he has adapted to a wide array of topics and has built a strong expertise in each of them. He is a versatile writer with quality fundamentals. He can create original and exceptional content that is laced with SEO and brilliant content strategy methods that will reinburse his content's value tenfold. In short, he is a writer thirsty to get to work. Book him now!
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Business, Marketing, Health, Fitness, Gaming, Sports, Construction, B2B,


Technology, Science, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports, Gaming


400 Projects Completed

Brandon has written technology niche articles for over five years for a variety of clients and publications. He particularly specializes in blog posts and long-form essays on the subject of technology and innovation. Brandon has a knack for? researching interesting topics and writing clear and original articles on the topic in a new light.

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5,000 Projects Completed

For more than five years, Brandon has written product reviews for a variety of Amazon products in the past five years. Also, Brandon has been commissioned to design and craft catchy product descriptions that not only brilliantly? describe the product but entice the reader to make a purchase as well.


1,000 Projects Completed

For more than five years, Brandon has created original and exceptional SEO articles for a variety of clients. On topics such as technology, sports, gaming, home living, construction, and business, Brandon has the expertise to craft quality SEO articles for any client, no matter if the client is a small business, a website, or a global company.

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