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Amanda has been creating effective content online for over 7 years. While she has a Ph.D. in health, she writes for any niche or industry. Some of the topics most recently covered in her work include plastic surgery, legal, pain management, male enhancement, motivation, dermatology, and travel.


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Amanda is currently in month 7 of a slow road trip across the US to celebrate obtaining her Ph.D. She enjoys working remotely and living like a local for a few weeks in each stop. Amanda loves to hike, take photographs, read, eat good food, and visit "the largest" anything. She has seen the largest candle, gavel, golf tee, bottle farm, and lemon so far.


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Amanda holds a doctorate in health and has extensive experience writing on topics such as stress, nutrition, fitness, supplements, weight loss, skin care, self-esteem, and mindfulness. She has the academic know-how to perform quality research for reports and white papers, and the online writing experience to make technical content accessible for everyone.


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Amanda can't be sure exactly how many articles and blogs she has written for the internet, but is certain it must be in the thousands. As a successful freelancer for over 7 years, she has written on diverse topics such as how to take care of gerbils, crazy facts about Bruce Lee, and strange places to visit in Las Vegas. As a health professional, she is often asked to write about nutrition, weight loss, and fitness but says the unique topics keep things interesting!

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