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Tiffany's work as a Digital Strategist combines her two passions: the study of human behavior and technology. Utilizing the disciplines of Inbound Marketing, Tiffany generates detailed vision and focused solutions for businesses to increase client engagement. Kaizen is the guiding principle of her life and career. Tiffany is continually studying the latest trends in her field to consistently deliver excellent work for clients.
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Marketing, Consumer Psychology, parenting, history, lifestyle

Green Living

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Tiffany has experience in the network marketing space as an independent contractor for an essential oils company. She maintained her own social media page, including ad campaigns, and wrote a blog in order to establish her authority on wellness and green living. Tiffany has written courses on wellness targeted at women and has also created lead magnets outlining how to use the products effectively.

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Tiffany writes about mental health, marriage, overall wellness, and parenting. She has a published guest post chronicling her personal experience with anxiety and how she learned to overcome it with self-care and therapy. Tiffany also writes about strategies for solopreneurs who need help developing content and streamlining their systems.

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