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Cyndee D
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After 34 years as a BSN, RN working in maternal child, pediatric, and medical/surgical health, Cyndee retired from nursing to pursue a second career in copywriting in 2009. She invested in American Writers and Artists, Inc. in all the courses they offered, plus attendance at annual Bootcamps and Web Intensives around the U.S. to enrich her skills and connections.

She began by serving mental health professionals in marketing their practices out of her appreciation for all the care and support this profession had provided for her ill son who suffered with bipolar disorder. A few years ago she expanded her expertise to alternative health and nutraceuticals, and found those niches also were a great fit. She's now written for Barton Publishing, Common Sense Health, Clarimem, and Magtein. She wrote her first control for Common Sense Health.

She's also had the privilege of honing her skills through the mentorship of Roy Furr, an A-list copywriter, and Kim Krause Schwalm, who has written dozens of controls for top marketers in the world.

Now you can watch your own revenues soar when she writes winning promotions for you.
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Mental health, alternative health, nutraceuticals, and relationship support services promoted through certified SEO website copy, acquisition emails, blog articles, etc


Mental health innovative treatments, foods that reverse Type 2 diabetes, failure to launch; dog breeds, cat behavior, Ukrainian brides (long story.)


Texas Woman's University

After graduating from high school a semester early, Cyndee entered TWU immediately to pursue a BS degree in nursing. By working hard she finished college a year earlier than her high school class. Half of her curriculum included two years of clinical training at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. Both the TWU nursing program and the Southwestern Medical School were located in that research institution.

American Writers and Artists, Inc

Writing copy is a life long study. Everyone who writes promotions knows that they're always striving to improve. There is no degree...no signal of completion, no matter what anyone says. Gary Bencivenga said that he always tried to improve his skills 1% a week. When you consider the math as that improvement grows week after week after month, after year...it's a phenomenally impressive goal. Gary probably did fulfill his goal...since he's considered the best copywriter in the world.
Cyndee D has the same goal and consistently reads, learns, and listens to improve her skills 1 % per week. By studying all of AWAI's courses, attending their February Web Intensives, and their Bootcamps in the fall, as well as going deeper with mentors she originally met through AWAI events, her skills, and results continue to imiprove. With a BS degree in nursing, and over 3 decades providing nursing care, followed by 8 more years learning from AWAI, Brian Kurtz, Kim Schwalm, Rebecca Matter, and investing in mastermind groups and more, Cyndee's marketing and copy skill have grown to a high place of expertise. She'll help you grow your business results, too. Invest in a writer who'll set your goals at the forefront and build your client base.


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Cyndee D. writes for mental health, alternative health, and nutraceuticals, primarily. She also writes for relationships, private schools, catering, restaurants, law firms, and real estate.

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57 Projects Completed

Cyndee has been writing blog posts since 2009. She's written these blogs for her own business, psychiatrist clients, therapist clients, a private school, and a catering business.The blog post is designed to fit the audience it's written to. For the Montessori school they were informative about how young children learn, the Montessori principles, parent / child issues, and growth and development of young children. For therapists and some psychiatrists they tackled subjects about coping with life, learning to adapt to change, depression, anxiety, failure to launch, and other common issues for healthy people who need direction during life's difficulties. On other cases, the articles have gone into much deeper science, how the medications and other treatments impact the brain, and those environmental elements or genetics that affect the biodome, or mental status, or susceptibility to psychiatric disorders and what can be done. She writes blogs about most subjects, except IT/software subject content.

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