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Cassandra L. earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Indiana University with a minor in Anthropology. She is a native english speaker and an entrepreneur with extensive experience as a technician in scientific laboratories and during fieldwork. She has fulfilled the responsibilities of an archivist, communications coordinator, and guideline monitor. She understands that space between everyday managers and everyday laborers- the needs and wants of the majority, in other words. Cassandra is not unfamiliar with freelance work, she has written reviews of bands and scientific projects (for a broader audience) and edited similar writings for colleagues. Beyond this, she enjoys expressing her creative mind through poetry and even published a book of these expressions.
Pulling from a well-structured understanding of work ethic, a creative leisure time, and her various walks of life, Cassandra is suited and ready to take on all new challenges! To her these challenges can only assist her range of skills and experience for her own business ventures. That means that she approaches all her clients’ projects with a sense of ownership.


Event reviews, creative writing, technical editing, scientific writing


Cassie’s interests include joint ventures, investment, early retirement and world travel. When she is not cranking out product, she is networking with like-minded individuals.


Indiana University

While completing the requirements for a degree in English Literature with a minor in Anthropology, Cassandra pursued elective classes in entrepreneurship and business administration. She studied Spanish, French, and Latin, as well as English composition and creative writing, as she believes that a better understanding of the Romantic languages would only strengthen her facility with language in her native tongue.


4 Projects Completed

Funding businesses gave Cassie a whole new outlook on the market and investment. Need to market a strategy to a group of newcomers? She’s got you.


2 Projects Completed

Having traveled around the continental U.S. has delivered Cassie the best kind of food. Some of the best versions of American staples are found in the most unexpected places, like real New York pizza…in New Jersey.


0 Projects Completed

Cassie keeps things posh. Travelling to a third world country doesn’t mean she must live like the locals. She takes full advantage of the exchange rate, because of this she can cater to the westerners who just want to experience the high-life in a tropical setting.


15 Projects Completed

Most consumers spend their internet time asking questions. Articles answer questions. This makes articles priceless to the true marketer. Google knows this, so does Cassandra. Let her answer the questions your customers are asking, and provide information in a way the search engines are going to find.

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