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Leah has worked as a freelance writer for almost four years. During that time, she has gained knowledge in implementing the current AP style guidelines and has acquired experience in editing and proofreading. As a ghostwriter, she has progressed to advanced writing levels, higher pay scales, and has secured memberships in 22 specialized writing teams. She is also adept in writing research articles, SEO articles, blogs, copywriting, product descriptions, and social media posts. Leah has also added editing work to her writing experience and has been receiving editing jobs for almost a year. As an independent contractor, she has a strict work ethic and her priorities include upholding client requirements, client standards, and deadlines.
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Specialties include research and writing about natural sciences (earth, environmental, wildlife), social sciences (psychology, law, politics), pets, medicine/healthcare, entertainment (movies, music, books), and beauty (product descriptions and cosmetic procedures: surgical and non-invasive).


Interests include all natural sciences, social sciences, animals, medicine (including alternative) health care, law, entertainment, beauty, and spirituality.


North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA

From 09/1991 to 12/1994, double-majored in Geology and Economics, and minored in Psychology, earning an Associate of Science. There was a maintained grade point average of 3.8. A total of 151 college credits was earned, for the application of remaining college credits to a Bachelor of Science degree, as well, but didn't happen. There were several pre-law classes taken.


49 Projects Completed

The articles written about scientific subjects encompassed many categories, but they were mainly about various animal species and environmental issues, correlated to economic factors, which affected human and animal well-being. A few of the pieces composed were also about earth sciences and social sciences which included psychology, law, and politics.


43 Projects Completed

The medical articles were generally about surgical procedures, in particular, reconstructive surgeries. The compositions were for informational purposes to educate people who were thinking about having these surgical procedures performed. The articles went into detail as to who would be the best candidates for these surgeries and what they would expect before, during, and after the operations.


32 Projects Completed

The articles written about nutrition were for humans and animals. The written pieces would encompass main diet, vitamin and herbal supplements, and nourishment for the purpose of preventing illnesses and diseases. Some articles would target specific health problems, mentioning the nutritional food and supplements needed to correct the problem and inhibit the problem from occurring again.


175 Projects Completed

Most of the content type requested by clients consisted of informative articles. The articles written for clients were so they could post them on their websites that served as information centers for their readers that addressed specific issues, current events, and health conditions. Clients required that these pieces have strong research behind them and have the composition of short reports.

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165 Projects Completed

Blog posts are another content type that was a frequent request, particularly with clients who owned blog websites. They desired a less-than-formal tone of the blog posts written to be engaging for their readers. The topics of blog posts mainly consisted of information on current events and product evaluations and rating them.

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