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Megan O
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Megan has extensive experience writing digital content. She started in journalism where she received an award for her outstanding reporting. Megan specializes in creating dynamic web content that informs and entertains the reader. She researches her topics well and pays close attention to detail to satisfy the client and their individual needs.

Megan currently writes as a social media manager, and creates long form content.
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travel writing, health, product descriptions, articles, web content, cannabis, product description, lifestyle, finance, social media


health, nutrition, yoga, ecology, farming, family, travel, cooking, how-to, DIY, beauty


University of Florida

Megan studied social sciences and began her writing career after college.

Palm Beach State

Studying these topics


221 Projects Completed

Megan enjoys writing about cars and the lastest models. She is very thorough and does plenty of in depth research on the topic. Megan enjoys writing about the newest technologies such as driverless cars, electric cars or alternative fuels. She also has experience writing about conventional vehicles.

Home Living

27 Projects Completed

Megan has created blog posts, articles and social media posts for many contractors and for interior design blogs. She enjoys researching new trends and helping inspired people to upgrade their homes. Megan also enjoys teaching customers about the products that are available and encouraging them to decorate their homes to express their style.


14 Projects Completed

Megan currently writes for a travel website and has traveled extensively her entire life. She can write about food, activities, hotels, and other aspects on travel. She enjoys the topic and believes it is important to be knowledgeable and worldly. Megan has traveled by plane, train, bus, and car and has also spent many weekends camping and hiking.


13 Projects Completed

Megan began her experience in the healthcare industry with years of volunteer experience at the local hospital. She studies natural health and healing, and is very knowledgeable about nutrition. Megan studied Psychology and is able to write topics that motivate the reader and inform them. Nutrition, diet, exercise, and science technology are all aspects of health that she writes about. Her first-hand experience in the health care field make her an excellent resource.

Green Living

0 Projects Completed

Megan received a certificate in Tropical Agriculture Development, and has learned about permaculture, organic gardening, solar power and sustainability.

Web Page

237 Projects Completed

Megan works with business to create powerful content that puts the perspective of the target audience to use. She researches every topic thoroughly. Megan works to create informative web pages as well as promotional material. Her experience in the industry makes her an excellent communicator.


118 Projects Completed

Megan has written articles for multiple industries such as journalism and digital content. She does thorough research and tries to create dynamic, interesting content that inspires readers and uses strong active language. Her studies in language and other sciences help her to write content that makes the reader feel and understand the content on a deep level.

Blog Post

104 Projects Completed

Megan ghostwrites many blog posts. She has years of experience writing, researching, editing, and drafting content to be precise and informative. Megan has written many blogs for private businesses to put on their website and enhance search engine relevancy. She also keeps a personal blog where she writes about her travels and music interests. Megan is skilled at blog writing and knows how to use irony, intelligence, and wit to get a point across to an audience.

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