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Scott is a licensed psychologist specializing in child and adolescent behavioral health. He completed his PhD in school psychology, where he developed advanced research, writing, and communication skills. Scott has been writing and publishing for six years in a wide variety of sources. He has published book chapters, research manuscripts, and dozens of articles and blog posts for mental health, education, sports, and other websites.

As a school psychologist, Scott has professional expertise in popular topics such as mental health, behavioral health, parenting, and relationships. He also has extensive knowledge K-12 education, special education, and teaching. Outside of the professional world, he has well-developed interests in sports, science and technology, personal finance, budgeting, gaming, health, and wellness. He loves to read and to learn, and is always on the lookout for new and interesting topics to dive into.

Scott is passionate about delivering high-quality products for his clients. He thoroughly researches each topic, and prides himself in his ability to synthesize complex information and present it in a clear and engaging format. He believes that every job deserves hard work, clear writing, and careful editing.

Scott lives with his wife in beautiful and historic Philadelphia. They spend their free time hiking, cooking, and exploring the history of the city.
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Psychology, mental health, behavioral health, parenting, relationships, and behavior management.
Education, special education, teaching, classroom management, and higher education.
Personal finance, budgeting, and retirement planning.


Health, medical topics, and fitness.
Science, technology, and gaming.
Sports, politics, and travel.
Pets, self help, and real estate.


Kansas State University

Scott graduated Summa cum Laude. He worked in a social psychology research lab, during which time he published research on superstitious behavior.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Scott completed his PhD in school psychology, with a specialization in bullying prevention, behavioral psychology, positive behavioral interventions and supports, and psychoeducational assessment. During this time, he completed his dissertation, co-authored three published book chapters, and wrote and contributed to dozens of articles for academic websites.


18 Projects Completed

In addition to professional experience in hospitals and behavioral health facilities, Scott has written website content and blog posts for physical, mental, and behavioral health businesses and organizations. As a psychologist, Scott has a personal interest in healthcare, especially in strategies for prevention and early intervention for health problems. He also has a keen interest in pediatric physical and behavioral health. Scott carefully researches healthcare topics so that he can distill the most important information to his readers in an engaging and informative manner.


16 Projects Completed

As a doctoral level psychologist, Scott is an applied scientist with several academic publications to his name. He has extensive personal experience in applied science and behavioral health. Scott has written professionally about mental health, parenting, behavior management, bullying, and social behavior. In addition to his academic work, Scott has written for websites that translate research into clear, manageable articles that are accessible for the layperson. One of his greatest strengths is taking complex scientific topics and summarizing them in an engaging and meaningful fashion for his readers to apply to their daily lives.


15 Projects Completed

Scott has worked in school districts in four states, including urban, rural, and suburban districts. He has over five years of experience consulting with teachers and administrators, which gives him unique insight into the most common educational challenges. This experience informs Scott's writing; he has previously contributed articles and blogs to websites and newsletters dedicated to cutting-edge educational practices.

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39 Projects Completed

A successful blog post engages, entertains, and informs the reader. Scott’s work consistently accomplishes all three. Scott writes to match the style of the blog to create a consistent voice for the reader. He has written for a variety of sites, including health, sports, science, educational, finance, and business topics.


17 Projects Completed

Scott has authored short, medium, and long form articles for a variety of sources. He has written articles for newsletters, websites, blogs, and academic journals on topics such as science, education, relationships, sports, and personal finance. Scott enjoys tackling complex subjects with the goal of extracting and summarizing important, actionable content for his readers.

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