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As a digital copywriter, Bernadetta P works with companies across several industries to shape their digital brands. She holds a Bachelor's degree in creative nonfiction, and she specializes in online marketing and advertising. Her client roster ranges from large industrial corporations to individual influencers who want to gain credibility and profits from digital content. She is familiar with producing eBooks and blog content for the following industries: food and beverage, business enterprise, education, politics, newsmedia, health and fitness, parenting, and individual brand promotion. Her stellar work is driven by her passion for learning new tidbits about her clients' industries with each project she undertakes.
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digital branding, food and beverage, health and fitness, parenting and family, politics, news and PR


Parenting, education, business, advertising, pets and animals, food, nutrition, fitness, humor, news and current events


Emerson College

Bernadetta P attended Emerson College in Boston, MA to study the art of writing. through peer critiques, community workshops, and internships, she learned how the written word can derive a believable narrative in any subject and circumstance.


3 Projects Completed

Bernadetta P writes regularly for clients within the beauty industry. Her work within this industry is often tied to health, fitness, or nutrition. She completed several EBooks for clients within the health and beauty industries in the capacity of ghostwriter. Bernadetta also worked as a qualitative researcher in the beauty products industry on a six-month internship prior to her career as a copywriter.


0 Projects Completed

Bernadetta P has written about food and wine for clients ranging from commercial restaurateurs to foodie bloggers. Her work was published in and is also regularly used for promotional purposes by local commercial eateries.
Bernadetta also writes product descriptions for equipment used within the commercial food industry. She recently drafted and organized a complete product catalog of cutlery for a brand favored by household cooks and restaurateurs alike.


0 Projects Completed

Bernadetta P is a blog contributor to trending and authoritative parenting sites like, and Additionally, she crafts blog posts for clients in the niche of family health and parenting. Her writing within this industry ranges from product guides and reviews of children's toys, to insightful commentary on issues relevant to parents today.

Blog Post

100 Projects Completed

Bernadetta P creates promotional and informational blog posts for her clients across various niches. She believes that blog posts are the most efficient and most relatable tools in the digital marketing sphere. Her blog posts are written in a conversational style in order to engage readers across various industries. She also strives to optimize her posts according to the latest standards of major search engines.


7 Projects Completed

Bernadetta P is a ghostwriter of EBooks and traditional-length books. She has aided in the creation of 2 memoirs and 4 works of fiction.
Her creative writing is focused in the romance, psychological suspense, and human relationship genres.
The memoirs crafted by Bernadetta as a ghostwriter detailed the authors' personal transformations.
one author published a memoir of her struggle with a rare illness.
Another memoirist told his story of being the victim of child molestation and his later struggle with gender identity.

Product Description

4 Projects Completed

Bernadetta P crafts product descriptions and other ad copy for small to mid-level businesses on a global scale.
She has worked on revisions and complete rewrites of product catalogs across various industries including: beauty, food, electronic and office products, and toys.
Bernadetta tailors product descriptions to her clients' target audience, and she follows the latest SEO guidelines for online product descriptions.

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