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Melissa is passionate about helping brands engage with their audiences through content and strong marketing/communications/PR plans and programs. From press releases to content for websites, blogs, emails and speeches, she has over 20 years of experience developing content for a range of corporate and nonprofit organizations.

While she does ongoing freelance work for a few companies, she has built her career in full-time roles such as Director of Communications, Director of Marketing & Communications and Director of Public Relations.

Melissa has deep experience creating programs, campaigns and engaging content in the areas of banking, technology, human resources, the building industry, and the nonprofit community.

In her spare time, Melissa is a volunteer for a local pit bull rescue and an advocate for the breed. In addition to fostering dogs until they find their forever homes, Melissa and her family have two rescued pitties of their own. As part of her volunteer efforts, she has also done a lot of marketing, PR and content development work for the rescue. She is also the volunteer Social Media Manager for a community organization that provides fresh fruit and produce for those in need.

Melissa holds a B.S in Communications and an M.S. in Communications & Journalism.
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Content development for emails, newsletters, blogs and social media.


Melissa has spent her career working in corporate and nonprofit communications and truly enjoys building and managing brands. She understands the importance of creating compelling content that reinforces an organization's brand and builds loyalty with readers.


Clarion University

Broad-based communications course work covering written communications, broadcasting, writing skills, etc. Plenty of hands-on experience including Eagle Media (campus radio and television stations) and the Clarion Call newspaper.

Shippensburg University

Course work focused on developing and managing successful communications and PR campaigns, creating well-crafted messages to promote organizational missions and messages. Also leveraging media to engage and inform audiences.


533 Projects Completed

Melissa was the Director of Marketing & Communications for a mid-sized IT consulting and IT staffing firm. She also does freelance work for a large national technology company and a small company that develops mobile applications and websites. She is skilled at working with high level tech language or concepts and breaking them down into reader-friendly content that decision makers can understand.


520 Projects Completed

Melissa has been writing professional marketing copy for 25 years. Her portfolio includes articles, blog posts, marketing & communications plans, newsletter, collateral & web content, press releases, and more. Melissa has worked professionally as a Director of Marketing for both a non-profit organization and an IT consulting firm. Under the marketing umbrella, Melissa has the most expertise in Pubic Relations, Branding, Marketing, Content Marketing and Corporate Communications.


503 Projects Completed

Melissa has several years of experience working with IT staffing companies. She has written hundreds of pieces to help engage audiences and promote staffing services, and has ghost written many articles, blog posts and emails for other company team members. She has written staffing-focused pieces directed at multiple audiences, including: clients/potential clients of staffing companies, hiring managers, and individuals considering using a recruiting firm to help them land a job.


1,001 Projects Completed

Melissa has decades of experience writing advertising copy and designing ads for a variety of clients.


1,000 Projects Completed

Throughout her career, Melissa has written thousands of articles (online and print). In addition to her freelance work, she has held several marketing/communications/PR roles professionally - all of which have provided her with opportunities to research and write articles on numerous topics. Background areas where her expertise is strongest include: Marketing, Branding, Career, Business, Public Relations, Technology, Credit Unions, and animal rescue.

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371 Projects Completed

As a career professional, Melissa has had the opportunity to contribute to and manage blogs on behalf of her employers. She has also helped a handful of small businesses and nonprofits set up and manage their blogs, and serves as a contributor to their blogs.

Her personal blog writing interests include marketing, branding and animal rescue. She has written professional blog posts in many subject categories, including banking, career, business, public affairs, nonprofits, technology, staffing and web development.

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