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Sherilyn M
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Martinsburg, WV
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Sherilyn is a writer with over ten years of experience and two bachelor degrees. Whether she is writing SEO-friendly blog posts, children's stories, or in-depth research articles, she delights the reader with compelling, thoughtful content. She consistently provides stellar work making her a favorite with several clients. Whether you're a client giving minimal instructions or one who gives detailed briefs, she is adept at fulfilling the requirement either way.

Sherilyn's ability to write on a wide variety of topics and change the style or voice of her writing to fit the client's need makes her a valuable resource for many companies or industries. Some of the industries she has successfully written for include:

* Healthcare
* Drug & Alcohol rehab
* Real estate
* Business consulting
* Marketing and advertising
* SEO content

Sherilyn earned a bachelor's degree in English and a bachelor's degree in communications. She graduated with honors. In addition to her education and writing experience, she worked in an educational institution, as co-owner of a small business in heating and cooling, and did volunteer work with the homeless. She also currently teaches a special needs child.
Real Estate
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Real estate, property management, drug/alcohol rehab, small business, marketing, customer service, content marketing, psychology/self-help, heating & cooling, education, special needs


Self-help, non-profits/homeless, children, psychology


Wayne State University

Sherilyn earned concurrent degrees in both English and communications. She graduated with honors and was awarded a member of the National Golden Key Honor Society.


1 Projects Completed

Sherilyn has both professional and personal experience with children and family issues. She currently homeschools two boys, one of which has special needs. Her experience teaching elementary-age children has come in handy for writing many successful posts for schools, including both private and charter schools. In addition, she filled in as a substitute teacher in a private school.

Real Estate

0 Projects Completed

Sherilyn has experience writing posts in the area of real estate with one hundred posts sold. She is a preferred writer for a property management company and hones in on the management side of the business.


39 Projects Completed

Sherilyn has successfully completed and sold over 100. The articles ranged from 600 to 1200 words. Some of the many topics she's written about include: property management, education, law, CRM software, customer service, HR, recruitment, and psychology.

Blog Post

26 Projects Completed

Sherilyn has successfully completed and sold over 200 posts. Between blog posts and articles she's sold 435 total. Some of the many topics she's written about include: digital signage, marketing, health, property management, home repair, business, HR, recruitment, branding, and education.

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