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Julie F. been writing professional blog content on a variety of topics since 2007. Those topics include, but are not limited to: autism, healthcare, parenting, pregnancy, sexuality, and video gaming.

She also offers SEO content tailored to my client's specifications, product descriptions, product reviews, and humor articles.


Julie F. has written SEO web content for over five years. She knows how to utilize keywords without creating a document that is stilted or reads like a Google Keyword Tool list. Her SEO strategy is to use not only keywords but terms that relate to the keywords. Strong information in a document is her goal, not just a keyword stuffed article or post.

Julie has also written humor, most notably for a blog named, 'An Army of Ermas'. This blog deals with parenting humor. Julie is very familiar with the humor of parenting - she has six children ranging in age from 18 years old to the youngest at 18 months old. Julie was a current author with the 'Army of Ermas' blog when the Erma Bombeck Foundation awarded the Writer of the Month Award to all of the bloggers on the blog in 2010.


Julie enjoys writing about pregnancy, parenting, science, and health topics. She has six children and understands the specific information that is key to pregnancy and parenting writing.

While not writing non-fiction for clients, Julie enjoys gardening and has extensive experience in farming and animal husbandry. Her favorite hobby that includes the computer and internet is researching strange phenomenon - such as Bigfoot, cryptids, and ghosts. Julie also has a keen interest in survival topics and lives literally next door to a national forest where she hikes and camps.


Rowan Community College

Julie completed a short six month course for basic law enforcement. After completing the course she did not pursue employment as an officer of the law.

Rowan Technical College

Julie finished a fiction writing course offered by Rowan Technical College. Several of her fiction works have been published by local newspapers in Rowan County, N.C., along with a short piece accepted by The Shroud Magazine (horror).


501 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Julie has written many articles on health related topics. Autism, diabetes, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis are the primary disorders where Julie has expertise. She has also written several hundred articles related to the health industry including adult day care, assisted living, and nursing.


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