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As a writer his main focus is producing great content, as he believes that it doesn't matter how highly you rank in Google if no one can stand to actually read your work.

With that being said, he does still respect the power of SEO techniques. They're a great tool for boosting the visibility of a piece, but at the same time he doesn't implement SEO to the point where it negatively impacts his work.
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He's generally focused on subjects related to a musical niche, generally equipment and "How-To" type articles.

With that being said, he prides myself to quickly research a topic and then write on it from a authoritative tone.


I love to write, play music, watch Netlix with my soon to be fiance (shhhhh, don't tell her I said that), and spend time with my cat.


Laramie County Community College

Mason recently started pursuing a writing and communications degree to further his abilities as a writer.


500 Projects Completed

Mason H wrote extensively on musical equipment, producing the majority of content for Equipboard. This content focused on technical descriptions of different pieces of equipment.

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Mason H focused on producing content centered around how to buy the best musical equipment in a given category. Examples would include things like "How to Choose the Best Solid State Amplifier."

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