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It is alleged that F.A. started his career in the health/medical industry as a lowly Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). While working as a C.N.A., he received on-the-job training under the watchful eye of a Cardiologist as an Athletic Trainer's Assistant (A.T.A.). After working in healthcare for about 12 years, he entered a nursing program but dropped out, choosing instead to complete a BA in English (technical writing). The high number of life science courses he completed qualified him to start a medical writer career. This experience then led to a Master of Science/PhD in public health. Although F.A. is very knowledgeable about the electronics & IT industries, his main focus today is health & medicine. For fun, F.A. writes fiction, grows edible plants, invents board games & donates much of his time to worthy philanthropic causes.
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1. Medical & Technical Writing; 2. Pharmaceutical Regulatory Writing; 3. Business Writing (articles--blogs--proposals--white papers--formal reports)


Electronics; Inventing new board games; Gardening


Walden University

Based on the high number of credits he had completed in the health sciences, he was accepted into a dual graduate degree program in public health.


2,515 Projects Completed

F.A. completed a 4-year degree in English with a focus on technical writing; he then pursued an MSPH/PhD in public health. This experience and education made it possible for him to launch a career as a medical/technical writer. Although he has experience as a pharmaceutical industry regulatory compliance writer, F.A. has written for a number of websites and publications publishing primarily general healthcare/medical material. Having worked as a full-time freelance writer, F.A. has been able to delve into areas and complete projects that most staff writers never get a chance to tackle . . . because staff-produced medical writing is very strictly controlled--in fact, staff medical writers are generally required to stick to one scientific area (i.e., respiratory diseases, drug side-effects/complications, etc.), a specific set of clientele (pharmaceutical companies; physicians; the medical imaging industry; etc.) or a specific type of writing (regulatory writing; health news writing; employment history documentation, etc.). Freelance writers have to be much more versatile.

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252 Projects Completed

Early in his career, F.A. learned that research was most beneficial when re-used and re-used for upcoming and similar-focus projects. In other words, F.A. generally over-researches a topic (even if conducted for a mere short article or blog)--he then uses that comprehensive information to produce white papers (and, sometimes, full length e-books). Although the market for white papers is waning somewhat, they became a hot commodity for some industries--more specifically, the IT, legal, pharmaceutical and medical fields. To this day, white papers remain the best way to explain or make a case for a special policy, law, or view being proposed or advocated by groups of people. F.A. has worked on a wide range of white papers that helped organizations get the funding they needed, doctors make their views known on a new procedure/service, nonprofit groups advocate for a cause, etc.


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One big advantage that F.A. has over most technical writers is his ability to also write fiction, in the tradition of people like Isaak Asimov and Michael Crichton who, in spite of having a strong science background, were nevertheless able to write great novels, short stories, etc. When approached about producing a satirical version of "A Christmas Carol," for example, F.A. produced an e-book that was more palatable for the millions of people on this planet who are vegetarians, vegans or who simply want to eat more nutritiously. This e-book (chock-full of great artwork and fancy illustrations) should be available to the public in late 2017. The book was written in one week and under budget!

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