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Caterina B
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Caterina is an award winning writer with over 15 years of writing experience. She writes for her own platforms, in addition to working as a ghost writer and copywriter for other blogs, POS, books, manuals and web designers in the food, travel, healthcare and legal industries. She is a prominent industry influencer, who helps to promote innovative and forward thinking companies through her large social media channels.

Some of the organizations she has worked with are Cochon 555, Fancy Food Show in NYC, Natural Foods Expo East, Safeway BBQ Festival, Taste of the City events across the nation, Snallygaster Craft Beer Festival and other local food festivals, Emporiyum Food Market, DC Central Kitchen & No Kid Hungry Project, Maryland Seafood Festival, specialized events hosted by the Maryland Wine Association and numerous others throughout the year.

As a social media strategist, she has helped other companies build and manage their own platforms to increase brand awareness and market share.

Caterina is also experienced in sales, marketing & strategic planning. She is also able to help you develop your business and marketing plans for short or long term sales, marketing and business development goals.
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Caterina is multifaceted and well rounded. In addition to her business acumen, she has also developed recipes for restaurants and manufacturing companies. She also speaks conversational Greek & Spanish, and has some experience with HTML, Google Analytics, experience in working with multiple servers for website management and Wordpress.


Caterina's personal interests include traveling near and far. She has not only traveled extensively, but has also lived abroad. Her personal travel experience so far, has included Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. She volunteers with organizations who promote clean (and alternative) sources of food, organic and sustainable farming, unique and innovative technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of consumable goods. She is also an industry advocate for disadvantaged youth, and connects industry suppliers interested in reducing hunger.



Caterina completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Services Management (Emergency Health Services) with a Minor in Psychology.

Loyola University

Caterina completed her MBA program at Loyola, during which time she traveled to Chile and Argentina to study emerging markets in the business and finance industries, that included the largest copper exporter in Chile, the largest leather exporter in Argentina, and numerous banking and finance institutions specializing in microloans.


24 Projects Completed

Caterina's healthcare and food industry experience was helpful when asked to write articles for a consultancy group specializing in the industry certification of restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, assisted livings.


12 Projects Completed

Caterina's travel experience was helpful when required to write articles on barge cruising in France.

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24 Projects Completed

Caterina's healthcare, food and travel experience gives her the credibility to expertly write on a combination of all topics.


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Caterina's personal interests involve issues of global warming and how it affects sustainability of food resources.

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Caterina's healthcare experience provides her with the tools to expertly write about numerous health (and beauty)related issues.

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