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Tayla is a Boston-based freelance writer and journalist with 10 years of experience. She graduated from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, where she double majored in print journalism and English with a concentration in publishing studies and literature. Her journalism experience includes founding and serving as managing editor of the Hofstra School of Communication's hyperlocal news website, covering events in Nassau County. She also covered events in Lower Manhattan as part of an editorial internship for that area's first glossy publication.

Tayla also has experience in social media and marketing, having worked for a music booking agency based in Massachusetts' North Shore. While there, she wrote press releases, artist info sheets and marketing copy for email blasts and websites. She also managed the agency's Twitter, Facebook and MySpace pages.

Tayla has written for online health publications since 2011, covering a range of topics from nutrition to disparities in diagnoses for conditions such as breast cancer among racial and ethnic groups. She currently writes articles for healthcare providers looking to improve their practice, as well as articles geared toward helping patients make informed healthcare decisions.


Health IT, healthcare, technology, women's health, nutrition


Women's health, minority health, holistic and alternative health


Hofstra University

Tayla is a graduate of Hofstra University, where she double majored in print journalism and English.


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Tayla has been writing for health and healthcare publications for over five years. Some of the topics she has written about include a heart disease primer for women and how text message reminders can increase attendance for breast cancer screenings. Tayla has also written about various aspects of nutrition and diet, such as how a Mediterranean diet can lower the risk of uterine cancer and how certain fruits can lower the risk of stroke. She currently specializes in patient education and provider preparedness.


0 Projects Completed

Tayla has been writing full-length articles, typically 500 words or more, for over 10 years. She has written articles covering a variety of topics, including -- but not limited to -- technology, sports and entertainment, health, and politics. Examples of articles Tayla has written include recaps of popular TV series such as 'The Walking Dead' and 'American Horror Story,' and how parents often notice signs of autism in their infant children before a physician makes an official diagnosis.

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