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When Susan was 9, her and her best friend sold "roses" which were made from tissues colored with her mom's lipstick. That was short lived when a neighbor called my father. Not to be discouraged, they then built a miniature golf course with a lemonade stand. The snake Susan found clearing the grass didn't scare her but the bumble bee floating in the lemonade was a deal-breaker. Next, they put on a variety shows in her backyard. Susan sang "Meet Me In St. Louis."

At 12, Susan started her own "Mother's Helper" business earning $.75/hour. After a year, she increased her rates to $1.00/hour and was heartbroken to learn her best customer dropped her services! At 14, Susan worked at a phone bank selling 5 Year Guaranteed Electric Light Bulbs. Staff was instructed to ring a bell as motivation to co-workers each time a sale was made. Soon after, she visited her grandfather who bought many more light-bulbs than he could ever have used. When Susan returned to work, she took great pride in ringing the bell over and over but the real gift was her grandfather's encouragement to succeed.

Following many years of study, professional work, and raising a family, Susan continues to look for new adventures that are fun and challenging.


Susan is an expert at motivating herself and others.


Bikram yoga


Boston University

This was a one year program.


500 Projects Completed

This writer has written numerous reports for a variety of online mystery shopping companies. There is an emphasis on reporting facts only and not injecting personal opinions. Designed to give the employer an inside view of what actually happens, the reports are used to improve overall performance.


0 Projects Completed

With an appreciation for the international language of music, this writer enjoys creating fun silly songs. It is not wisdom that comes with age but rather light heartedness. To that end, this writer recently performed a singing audition, including 2 original parodies and an original Renaissance rap entitled, "The Queen's Cup 'O Coors and the Princess Parfait," for a role in 2017 King Richard's Fair. While I have not been paid monetarily, all three judges liked it so much they may include the Renaissance rap in the show!

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