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A retired CPA who has written and delivered over 1000 presentations on business subjects ranging from start-ups to non-profit tax planning, Larry also performs standup comedy and writes for other comedians. With a college degree in finance, a master's degree in international management, and a strong background in Asian history, he is best described as a generalist. Larry is also a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer with 25 years of marathon running under his belt. In his free time, Larry paints in oil/acrylic and sculpts in clay-to-bronze.


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Larry is an in-house content editor for a national automotive publication that focuses on electric and hybrid vehicles. In addition to over 1000 short pieces on specific cars and trucks, he regularly writes press releases aimed at increasing viewership for the site. The job also includes doing live interviews at auto shows and writing synopses of live media conferences.


On a regular basis, Larry writes for an advertising agency whose primary output includes marketing, SEO, and advertising content for websites. Topics cover virtually every area of business, from medical devices and medicines, to retail product descriptions in diverse industries. One of the special-order projects he worked on was a complete rewrite of the food menu for a national restaurant chain.

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