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As successful freelancer writer for over five years, Timothy combines his love of travel with reading and writing. He has written a lot of articles based on his own travel experiences in the United States, Mexico, Canada, France and other parts of the world. Giving his clients unique articles that are both interesting and informative is one of his highest priorities.


Timothy excels in writing compelling:

- Travel articles
- Creative writing
- Instructional content
- News articles
- Product descriptions
- How-to articles
- White papers
- Technical articles
- Articles on leadership


Timothy's areas of interest include traveling, meeting and making new friends, watching movies, gardening and swimming.


Robert Morris University

Apart from learning how how tourism and hospitality affect the local and global economy, Timothy also managed to build exemplary leadership and writing skills.


1,644 Projects Completed

Being that Timothy travels to different parts of the world on a regular basis, he enjoys writing travel-related articles. His extensive travel experience makes it easy for him to write detailed descriptions of the best and most popular travel destinations, offer travel tips and help travelers find the best airfare deals.


754 Projects Completed

Being that Timothy loves traveling, he also has a great liking for vehicles. He has written a hundred of articles that offer useful maintenance tips, how to buy used cars and how to choose the right mechanic. He also loves advising people how to choose the best insurance agencies and policies.


1,698 Projects Completed

As a thorough researcher who likes to take his time in every work he undertakes, Timothy's aim is to add value to the lives of his audience by creating organized articles that are not only easy to read but also understand. Apart from being plagiarism-free, his articles also contain no grammatical and spelling errors as he always ensures that he proofreads his work at least twice prior to submission.

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