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Ken was a newspaper editorial writer for "The Caldwell News", Lenoir, NC from 1986 - 88.

He sold, wrote and helped to produce radio ads for a local market - 1990 - 92; left and went into construction supply sales.

Ken tried his own paid political blog for one year, quit for more lucrative work.

He currently writes for another freelance site, with over 50 assignments completed, has received 18 optional customer comments, 2 good, 16 excellent. Rated at 4 stars. Ken has completed 840 posts for InterAct Media. He is rated at 5 stars and is on the "Favorite Writer List" of 26 clients.

Former writer for other freelancing sites.

Occasional writer for Associated Content.


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Industry Projects

  • Construction100+
  • Search Marketing20+
  • Outdoor/Recreation8
  • Health3
  • Politics1
  • Green Living1

Summary of Industry Experience


He has produced several blogs and articles on the technical aspects of high-efficiency HVACR equipment. He is also familiar with gated communities, energy-efficient construction design and planning, as well as efficient insulating and building techniques.

Search Marketing

Ken has written extensively on organic content in online marketing. He has also produced copy relating to franchising and has ghostwritten an eBook on building content that converts searchers into leads and leads into customers.


The use of hiking sticks, making use of natural surrounding to increase home energy efficiency are just two of the articles Ken has produced in the area of "green" topics


He produced and Alzheimer article underlining the natural use of simple mental exercises to be used in treating the disease.


Ken wrote a political analysis of why Republicans did not like components of the Obama Stimulus Plan. He showed how certain issues created suspicions and made some conservatives feel the Stimulus was not focused as much on the dragging economy as it was on treasured contributors.

Green Living

Ken wrote about green building practices for mountain and lakeside homes in forested areas. He has shown how incorporating natural, native greenery assists in restoring the disturbed area of construction. Through restoration, the erosion is stopped and the natural beauty blends in with the newly constructed home.

Product Projects

  • Press Release4

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Ken enjoys packing factual information into a press release while weaving a positive picture of a company. It is a challenge to make a press release interesting while still teasing the reader to seek more information about the company.

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