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Naomi is a marine biologist and scientific research writer with a B.Sc in Biology (3.6 GPA) and an M.Sc in Ecology (3.9 GPA). She also has a lifetime of experience writing creatively and runs a blog with tips and resources for writers. She writes in a conversational style and has a knack for adding a distinct voice to her articles.

Science: Throughout her years as an undergraduate and a Master’s student, Naomi studied marine ecology and evolution, co-authored a paper on the evolution of reef organisms, and wrote her thesis on the phylogeography and ecology of a pan-Atlantic reef fish genus. She has seven years of academic writing and research experience, especially pertaining to DNA extraction, amplification, sequencing, and analysis. She also has two years of field experience diving in coastal ecosystems to observe and collect reef fish. Her proficiency in English was frequently called upon by her Brazilian lab colleagues; she revised numerous papers and project proposals throughout her academic years, which greatly improved her proofreading and editing skills.

Creative writing: Naomi has been writing fiction for most of her life and has published numerous stories and poems online under a pen name. All of these have received positive feedback and some have even won awards and honorable mentions in writing contests. She favors science fiction and fantasy but has experimented with all genres and styles of creative writing, including poetry.

Blogging: If you need an experienced and disciplined blogger, look no further! Naomi maintains a creative writing blog and has been blogging consistently since early 2013. Over five years, she has written almost 800 blog posts, with three posts every week featuring creative writing tips, vocabulary words, and original short stories and poetry. Her blog posts have helped to develop her proficiency in SEO, article composition, and blog post formatting, and several of her pieces have appeared in magazines or on websites oriented toward creative writers.
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After working for seven years as a researcher, Naomi specializes in academic and scientific writing, including research papers, theses, grant proposals, and cover letters. She attained her degrees in the biological sciences and has experience writing on the topics of marine biology, ecology, evolution, phylogenetics, and reef ecosystems. She has also recently expanded her interests in scientific writing to environmentalism and conservation efforts.

Naomi also excels in blogging and creative writing, particularly short stories. She has been blogging about creative writing since 2013 and has written almost 800 blog posts to date. Her favorite genres include science fiction, fantasy, and romance, and she has written several book reviews for her blog. A lifetime of writing has helped her develop a distinct storytelling voice, which she frequently implements in her articles.


Naomi has a variety of interests in which she's well-read and about which she enjoys writing, including science, literature, creative writing, video games, music, and pop culture. She has covered all these topics and more in her blog posts.


Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Naomi attained her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a 3.6 GPA from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis, Brazil. She specialized in Marine Biology and joined a marine research laboratory as an undergraduate, during which time she participated in reef ecosystem projects and wrote her undergraduate thesis on the influence of the Amazon freshwater barrier on the evolution of marine organisms.

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Naomi attained her Master of Science degree in Ecology with a 3.9 GPA from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis, Brazil. She specialized in marine ecosystems and wrote her thesis on the phylogeography and feeding ecology of an Atlantic reef fish genus. Throughout her Master's program, Naomi learned laboratory procedures for DNA analysis as well as field procedures for collecting ecological data on reef fish.


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Naomi has been an avid gamer since childhood and is familiar with a myriad of video games and gaming platforms. She has written a handful of articles about gaming and has recently taken up writing reviews of popular video games for her blog.


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In her four years as a blogger, Naomi has written over 200 articles and blog posts on a variety of subjects, including creative writing tips, book reviews, and pop culture.


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While attaining her B.Sc in Biology and her M.Sc in Ecology, Naomi learned the principles of academic writing and gained years of experience writing scientific papers, theses, grant proposals, and cover letters.

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Naomi started blogging in early 2013 and has written almost 800 blog posts. She specializes in creative writing advice but has also written a variety of posts on books, science, and entertainment.


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Naomi has been writing articles on creative writing topics for five years and scientific articles for seven years. She has an excellent mastery of the English language both creatively and academically and is skilled at writing in any style, be it formal or informal.

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