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Whether it be blog/content writing, analytical research, an eye catching summary piece, or an intriguing food review, Kelsey is confident in her abilities to deliver you excellent content.

Kelsey has had a love for writing ever since she could hold a pen. Writing is not only something she is extremely confident in, but it's something that she truly loves. Love and ability are, inevitably so, a recipe for pretty incredible results.

Kelsey considers herself to be a multifaceted writer. The majority of writing she enjoys on her own time is creative-based: poetry, prose, creative non-fiction, and blog writing. On the other hand, she has had near daily exposure to analytical or business writing in both scholastic and corporate environments. She enjoys the challenge of creating a poem just as much as drafting a proposal at work, and that proficiency in both of these areas highly compliments each other.

Want an exceptional piece of writing created just for you? Let Kelsey show you that she can deliver this for you.
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Blog/content writing, copy editing, food reviews, social media writing


Writing (of course!!), reading, skiing, hiking, cooking, traveling the world, photography


University of Connecticut

Kelsey, an avid advocate for following your gut, walked an unpredictable path throughout her years in college. From the beginning, she wanted to teach high school English and majored in education, so that she could bestow her own love of writing and reading upon young adults. As her first year in college progressed, she wasn't sure if she wanted to continue this path, and decided to make a change. Business was appealing to her, because of how applicable it would be in the future to a number of different fields. Kelsey then chose to major in marketing, then switched to finance early in her Junior year, and finally decided on management at the end of her Junior year.

While studying management, Kelsey strove to never lose sight of her love for writing. She kept her passion busy by filling her electives with writing classes, with her favorites being creative writing I and creative writing II. Creative writing I introduced her to poetry, which she had little to no exposure to beforehand. She quickly grew to love reading and writing it, and her professor proclaimed she was the most drastically improved by the end of the semester.

Kelsey also found it to be important to intertwine her love for writing with professional needs for it. She took multiple business writing courses that focused on grammar, formatting, and tone for different audiences, as well as how to approach difficult writing situations (like how to handle a disgruntled customer, etc.)

She graduated in the spring of 2015 with a diploma in hand, and a fire in her heart to continue kindling her passion for writing in the years to come.


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Kelsey runs her own travel blog, and enjoys writing pieces about various destinations geared toward her millennial audience. She uses her social media skills to reach her audience, and has posted content such as tips and tricks, best places to go in a given country, and how to afford it all. Kelsey knows that a well written blog post is key, but being able to market your content via social media is a huge factor to a successful blog as well. She uses Instagram and Facebook as her main driving factors, and has researched the best hashtags to use for each post in order to drive the most traffic.

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0 Projects Completed

Kelsey runs her own travel blog that is aimed at reaching millennials who want to travel more frequently. She posts travel content about destinations, essentials to bring, and how to budget accordingly. Kelsey uses Squarespace as her platform, and is efficient at organizing the layout in order to show off her writing in a sharp and aesthetically pleasing way. In order to reach her audience even more, she utilizes her social media skills and markets her blog primarily on Facebook and Instagram, where she also uses relevant hashtags to drive more traffic.

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