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Spike creates stories using written word, still photography, and moving image. He is an immersive journalist, embedding with subjects for significant durations to make long form, non-fiction narratives that document conflict, and explore life at the edges of human experience.

His work publishes internationally with outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Smithsonian Magazine, Vice Magazine, Foreign Policy, The Telegraph, Human Rights Watch, Marie Claire, and has won awards from The National Press Photographers Association, The International Photography Awards, The Society of Environmental Journalists, and The Associated Press.


Spike specializes in non-fiction, documentary, journalism, immersive, experiential, writing. Covering subjects from travel, health, adventure, religion, conflict, environment, and energy.


Spike is interested in global politics, environment, athletic sports, motorcycles, travel, literature, photography, and art.


The University of Derby, England

Spike completed a four year degree in practical Fine Art and Art History, specializing in process based, lens media.

The University of North Texas

Spike completed a Masters degree in journalism, specializing in written and photographic storytelling.


51 Projects Completed

Spike's work as a journalist always involves some sort of travel. To enrich stories he uses scenes of place, and descriptions of transportation to enrich accounts. Often there is scope to run parallel narratives inside one project - a political story with a travel narrative, or an account of conflict with descriptions of a journey taken with subjects.


50 Projects Completed

Over the last six years Spike has worked closely with The Texas Medical Center, and Texas Children's Hospital to cover the subject of organ transplantation. His work has focused on children who have received transplantation after organ failure, and are now struggling to live with side effects and the cost of necessary medication. Current work is expanding coverage to include individuals who're currently on the organ transplant waiting list.


50 Projects Completed

Spike's coverage of politics is broad and far reaching, including long term documentary coverage of the Myanmar government's push to release it's forcibly recruited child soldiers, the United Kingdom's eviction of hundreds of Gypsy families from land north of London, the implications of unregulated energy policy in the United States, and coverage of United States campaign trail activity. Stories publish with a range of outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Human Rights Watch, The Telegraph, Foreign Policy and many more.


52 Projects Completed

Much of Spike's work as a journalist takes place in the form of an article, either from printed page or web. Most articles published are long form, feature length pieces.


10 Projects Completed

Spike makes regular grant proposals as a journalist, both to fund personal work, and the work of collaborators or clients.

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