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Since childhood, Marie has always had a love of learning and sharing her knowledge. Writing allows her to foster this passion. Marie enjoys crafting engaging, evergreen content that exudes clarity, all the while incorporating SEO strategies based on the latest search engine statistics. She is thorough in her research, which allows her to produce outstanding yet concise content for her clients.

Marie believes communication is the cornerstone in building relationships with her clients. She is dedicated to exceeding their expectations by stringently following all specifications and directions to a T. Open communication allows her to produce high-quality content that her clients love.
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Marie is a passionate individual. Being a women in STEM, Marie has learned to appreciate and be fascinated by seemingly simple mechanisms. She has a deep love for science and mathematics, dealing with adversity in pursuit of these passions.


Outside of her college studies, Marie is a health nut. She loves learning about fitness, diet and nutrition, as well as physical and mental wellness. She is constantly reading and keeping up-to-date on the latest findings involving these areas, always making sure to check its validity.

TOPICS: Health, medical, wellness, fitness, body building, nutrition, vegan, vegetarian, physics, computer science, cognitive science, psychology, brain, makeup, crafts, knitting, DIY, relationships, human-computer interaction, robotics, virtual reality, eating, reading, education, search engine optimization, site building, web page building, technology,and trends.


SUNY Oswego

Marie is currently enrolled in the HCI Masters program at SUNY Oswego. She has a strong grasp of user-centered design principles, allowing her to write in a way that shows a true understanding of her audience.

SUNY Oswego

Marie received her Bachelors of Science degree from SUNY Oswego, with a double major. She concentrated in both Cognitive Science and Applied Physics with a concentration in Computer Science. She has a wide range of interest and a strong background in research.


1 Projects Completed

Marie has done undergraduate academic research in the field of cognitive science, an interdisciplinary endeavor involving artificial intelligence, anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and linguistics, as well as physics. She synthesizes readings from multiple research papers into a coherent work with well-developed, fluid arguments.

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103 Projects Completed

Marie has done freelance work and currently maintains a small blog on HubPages which currently generates revenue. Most of her work has included blog posts, product reviews, and general articles involving fitness and health.


0 Projects Completed

Marie has written several successful grant applications as an undergraduate student. She has received several thousand dollars for her and her peers to carry out research in the field of physics, cognitive science and machine learning.

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