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Don't just state the facts. When it comes to marketing your company's products or services, you need someone who can express your unique selling points in a way that speaks to your audience. With over ten years of marketing and copywriting experience, Sara can tell your story through a variety of mediums including video, TV, and radio scripts as well as blogs, articles, product descriptions, and web content.


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Industry Projects

  • Non Profit20+
  • Entertainment1

Summary of Industry Experience

Non Profit

Sara wrote press releases, media alerts, articles, blog posts, e-newsletters, web content and marketing collateral for a volunteer center in the pacific northwest. By promoting a variety of non-profits and volunteering activities and events, she had the opportunity to write about many different topics and utilize several types of writing formats.


Sara worked for an independent family film distribution company and helped promote over 25 dvds and feature films. She wrote a variety of product synopses for websites, catalogs and product packaging as well as ad copy including ads for broadcast. She also helped edit and write PR articles and news releases.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Script/Video10+
  • Article7

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Sara has written blog posts for a non-profit volunteer center, an SEO internship, a chiropractor and a weight loss clinic.


Sara has written radio and TV ads for books, weight loss and chiropractic clinics, She has also written informational and instructional videos.


Sara ghost wrote articles for a non-profit volunteer center in the Pacific Northwest. Each month she interviewed a non-profit client or researched various topics to spotlight in a local newspaper column.

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