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William has been writing since he was 15. Not as a class project, or assignment, but as a hobby. Though he did not like English class, especially Grammar, he excelled at it. He started writing as a hobby, as a form of emotional release. When he discovered that what his pen put to his pad, inspired people, it gave him a new found love for this skill.

So he figured that if you can make a living doing what you love, and inspire people at the same time, what better purpose would there be in life.


Technical writing, creative writing, editing, proofreading


William's interest deal in creative writing. He is very opinionated and where he cannot express my opinions overtly, He does it on paper or computer screen. He is very analytical and love researching new information. His thirst for knowledge exceeds most peoples curiosity, which he believes and contributed a great deal to honing his writing skills.


Mercer County Community College

William took on this Major of Business as an education of knowledge in the field of creating his own and being able to operate and manage it properly and effectively.
Since William is an avid student, he excelled in his classes and continuously remained on the Dean's List. Once he reached his time of graduation where he left the institution with honors.


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William has been studying the art of business since he first started buying 10 cent candy at the corner store and selling it for 25 cent in Elementary school. He figures there is an art to it, and through his experience and education he deduced this article.


0 Projects Completed

William M. compiled a collection of poetry he had written, that illustrates some the internal and external struggle that he was going through growing up. It is his first book ever published. You can tell, as you go through the book that his skills in word play and storytelling progressed. At the time he was 17 entering into adulthood.

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