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Casey is a freelance writer with more than a decade of experience. She is a chameleon writer who easily adapts to a variety of formats and styles. Christian content, medical content, product descriptions, blog posts, and legal content are some of her preferred projects. She also enjoys writing about parenting, crafts, news, and pets.

She is an experiences SEO writer who believes that useful information should be infused with keywords in a manner that please search engines while keeping readers coming back for more valuable information.


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Casey has worked in the fitness industry for over a decade. Her love for fitness started in high school and continued during her time in the U.S. Navy. She believes that a solid foundation in fitness fundamentals can help anyone to learn to live a healthy lifestyle. While she concedes that staying fit isn’t a piece of cake, she does try to make getting and staying fit as easy as possible to help motivate people to keep moving.


Casey has had formal training in nutrition, and she has served as a nutrition counselor. Her primary clientele was women with underlying health problems trying to lose weight. She believes that anyone can get to a healthy weight and maintain that weight when given the proper information, tools, and motivation. She also studies the relationship between a healthy diet and certain medical conditions, such as cancer.


Casey produces medical content for numerous physicians and nationally-recognized medical centers. She keeps up with advancements and findings in medicine by reading a variety of industry journals. She specializes in writing disease profiles, as well as offering patients tips for coping with specific conditions. She is familiar with a plethora of unusual and uncommon diseases, conditions, and syndromes, such as hypoplastic left heart syndrome and epidermis bullosa.


Casey is medical writer who has produced content for nationally-recognized medical centers and local physicians. She specializes in disease profiles, news-related pieces profiling medical advancements. Her unique experience allows her to bring nutrition, fitness, spirituality, and medical treatment together to provide a comprehensive guide for almost any condition or lifestyle.


Casey has contributed to a plethora of Bible-based websites. She has also developed Bible study guides for children and adults used by an international denomination. She also maintains Life as a Christian Soldier, a Bible study blog to help adults who are new to Christianity navigate through this difficult world.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article100+

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Blog Post

Casey has written a variety of blog posts in several industries. She contributes to legal blogs with fact-based accounts of recent news stories that tie into how a lawyer could help the victim or person in the story. She contributes to blogs with a focus on saving money, as well as blogs for pet owners. Her blog posts are usually lighthearted; however, her legal and medical posts are often written in a professional and authoritative voice.


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