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Meaghan has been writing for almost fifteen years now, and she is only getting better and writing more. In school, she wrote for her school's newspaper and has since been writing blog and content articles. When she was in college, she was the only student from the Department of History to be invited to present her research and paper at the UTSA Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry Showcase in 2015. She has also written several poems and short stories in her spare time. Throughout her professional career, she has written business plans, all kinds of correspondence, and a few business proposals. Writing is not just Meaghan's job, it is her passion.
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Meaghan majored in History and Anthropology, so writing with a historic and/or social viewpoint comes very natural. She loves to write about business, finances, reading and writing, and she actually enjoys having to do research.


Meaghan has always enjoyed history, reading, photography, travel, and the outdoors, and she likes to share her enthusiasm through her writing. She also loves new writing challenges and will always give her best effort.


University of Texas at San Antonio

Meaghan graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor's degree in History and a minor in Anthropology. She took many writing and communication courses, in addition to her field of study, where she focused mainly on research and writing, and was the only student from the Department of History to be invited to present her research at the Creative Inquiry and Research Showcase in 2015.


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Meaghan has written several pieces geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners. They have ranged from marketing tips to how to get a business ready for the holidays to tips for keeping the office energized. Her expertise comes from a combination of research and personal experience that gives her an interesting edge and plenty of relatable content.


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Throughout her college career, Meaghan honed her academic writing skills, often writing 15+ page history and anthropology papers. She was the only student from the Department of History to be invited to showcase her research and paper. While that project was unpaid, she has since gone on to write several articles ranging from volcanoes to How to Get in to Grad School. Meaghan can write well organized non-fiction content for blogs and magazines that won't disappoint.


4 Projects Completed

Meaghan has had a career working in personal finance and has written several blog posts on the topic. Her articles have ranged from how to create a budget, how to save up extra money, and guides to the advantages different kinds of financial accounts. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of personal finance with the everyday people who can use it the most.


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Meaghan's expertise in writing about crafts and DIY projects comes from research and personal experience. Twice now, she has been paid to write articles on how to make something, and both times she has received feedback that people unfamiliar with DIY were able to create the project with success. Meaghan enjoys writing this type of piece because she feels that she can write them well and clear, to the point that the audience finds them valuable.

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Meaghan is one half of a two-man team running a blog catered to creating a community of people who love reading and writing. Through her blog, she has learned how to write SEO-worthy articles that rank on Google and interest her readers. She has also written a number of guest blog posts and ghost authored several posts in different genres.

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