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George has been writing in a variety of venues for many years; from simple blog posts to articulate essays or reports on topics close to his heart. A majority of George's experience is written in a light, humorous style while conveying the main theme addressed in the writing.

For several years, George wrote a blog discussing some rather pointed political positions while in direct communication with those of a different political slant. He's always said that he relishes having intellectual discussions with those who see things differently; once it goes past the intellectual into the mundane or the argumentative, George will withdraw. He also wrote a blog over a couple of years describing the issues he faced during a lawsuit with his bank and mortgage company and which George is considering as the basis for a book.

While in business for himself supplying analytical laboratory instrumentation into refineries and chemical plants, George had the opportunity to write the copy for all of our brochures and marketing materials. He was a member of the ASTM committees that set the specifications for the industry and was involved in writing the methodology for some of the test methods.


Articles or posts about events or occurrences current in the world today and how they affect others. Also light hearted looks at events of today.


Politics, sports, current events, ecology


Tulane University; A.B. Freeman School of Business

Masters of Business Administration obtained through the Executive Program at the A.B. Freeman School of Business on the main New Orleans Campus of Tulane University.

Louisiana State University

Bachelor of Science studying the life sciences with concentrations on Marine Science through the Coastal Studies Institute at LSU.


0 Projects Completed

As a licensed General Contractor in Louisiana and a builder in Texas (no license required) specific insight into the industry has been utilized to write authortatively about this subject.


0 Projects Completed

These are articles for publication in various sources describing life events in today's world written from both a humorous perspective and/or a serious perspective where appropriate.

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