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Trease H
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Trease is a graduate student majoring in English and Creative Writing and will graduate from Southern New Hampshire University's Master of Arts program in March 2018. She currently has an honor student.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Grambling State University and uses that undergraduate degree to run a highly successful home-based business. She is considered an expert sales professional. Prior to becoming a business owner, she was employed as a highly sought-after Claims Adjuster/Representative and is knowledgeable in workers' compensation claims and personal injury claims. She also holds a certificate in General Paralegal Studies from Kaplan College, affording her a vast skill level in litigation support.

She is currently a freelance content writer, blogger, and editor, offering her services through original blog posts to several well-known sites, as well as providing business blog posts for employers across the country. She also edits articles for a team of writers that publishes to various popular websites.

Trease also maintains a personal blog relating to domestic violence/abuse as she survived a 19-year marriage that was so debilitating, she suffered an aneurysm in 2009. She uses her writing skills and warm spirit to reach others who may be afraid to take the necessary steps to free themselves.

Ms. H. uses her love of writing and skills of providing detailed, yet easy to understand language to reach clients and persons of all walks of life.
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Family Law
Workers' Compensation claims handling
Personal Injury claims handling
Litigation support
Domestic Violence/Abuse Awareness




Grambling State University

Trease obtained the Bachelor of Science degree from Grambling State University on December 16, 1988 and used that degree to obtain gainful employment.

Kaplan College

Trease earned the certificate of General Paralegal Studies from Kaplan College and used that degree to obtain gainful employment.

Southern New Hampshire University

Trease is pursuing a Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing and will graduate in March 2018. She is an honor student and is a member of Sigma Alpha Pi, and Sigma Tau Delta.


3 Projects Completed

Trease's previous experience in the insurance industry include the following:

Managed Workers’ Compensation claims of all complexities (from medical-only to catastrophic/permanent total disability) for the states of Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Alaska, Arizona and Utah utilizing Best Practices Protocol.

Handled Personal Injury Protection claims in the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

Interviewed drivers and witnesses involved in automobile accident.

Interviewed injured workers, employers, and witnesses in regard to Workers’ Compensation claims using recorded statements when necessary.

Analyzed all records and reports (medical and otherwise) to complete investigations.

Highly skilled in reaching payment negotiations with medical providers.

Negotiated fair settlements with claimants or legal counsel and other insurance companies.

Examined estimates and invoices presented for payment in regard to Property Damage for a nationwide trucking company for accuracy and fairness in pricing.


2 Projects Completed

Trease's experience in the legal field includes the following:

Performed 95% of all potential Social Security Disability Appeals telephonic intake interviews and 33% of all potential Workers’ Compensation telephonic intake interviews as well as the corresponding in-person interviews.

Assisted in the determination of whether potential Social Security Appeal cases would be accepted by the firm.

Set up both physical and computer files for Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability cases.

Completed any necessary Social Security Disability Appeal forms to satisfy the appeals process; assured that deadlines for appeals cases were not missed by filing all necessary paperwork in person at Social Security offices when necessary.

Gathered all medical reports and records for preparation of hearings/upcoming trials and for ongoing case maintenance in relation to Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Appeals cases.

Maintained aggressive control over calendars for two attorneys to avoid missing any appointments, courts dates or deadlines for Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Appeals cases.

Tracked regulatory filings, deadlines and docketing aggressively to avoid any potential malpractice issues.

Drafted interrogatories, requests for production and requests for admissions and other discovery.

Summarized interrogatory answers for submission to opposing counsel, providing same within regulatory time limits; responded to opposing counsel’s interrogatories in a timely manner.

Maintained routine telephonic contact (and/or written contact) with clients to keep them abreast of case status.


0 Projects Completed

Trease is a domestic violence/abuse survivor. She was divorced in 2013 after a 19-year marriage that was so debilitating, she suffered a brain hemorrhage on July 21, 2009. After surviving this near-death experience, Trease decided that she would share her story so that others who are trapped in abusive relationships understand that if they are to live (physically and otherwise), they must escape.

Trease provides personal insight on the struggle to leave, the courage it takes to push forward, and the strength it takes to learn to fly alone.

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0 Projects Completed

Trease is a blogger whose work has been featured on sites such as BlogHer, SheKnows, and DivorceForce. She is produces works that are honest, hard-hitting, and timely.

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