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Rosa has experience writing news pieces, essays, and blog posts for the Huffington Post. Some have been liked and shared thousands of times and have been featured on the Huffington Post's front page.

In addition, she handled press and promotion for the Heartbeat Bill campaign in Indiana. She wrote press releases for newspapers and created radio commercials for political candidates running for office.

Rosa handles press and promotion for Great Commission Records, sending press releases to newspapers and letters to record labels. She is also a radio recording artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer whose music has received radio airplay nationwide. She has conducted radio interviews in order to promote her records.

Rosa is currently the co-host for 'The Joe and Rosa Show' on WDZY AM & FM in Richmond, VA to an audience of 1.3 million in the primary signal. She is responsible for contacting guests that have included the best and the brightest in Christian publishing, speaking, and culture. Guests have included several bestselling authors, members of Proverbs 31 ministries, and a scientist from Ken Ham's Ark Encounter.
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News Articles, Press Releases, Blog Posts, Editorials, Essays


Finance, Business, The Bible, Psychology, Culture, History, Biography, Engineering, Math, Science, Marketing, Music


Hagerstown Community College

Rosa took courses related to English and psychology.

Chesapeake High School

Rosa studied computers at Chesapeake High School but did not complete, as she moved to a different state during her senior year of high school.

Berkeley Springs

Rosa studied a general academic course while enrolled at Berkeley Springs High School.

James Rumsey Technical Institute

Rosa studied computers, desktop publishing, and design, as well as Legal and Medical Transcription. She learned the terminology associated with the aforementioned fields. In addition, Rosa learned formatting and business skills.


15 Projects Completed

Rosa is a multi-instrumentalist who has written and recorded 3 studio albums. Her records have garnered nationwide airplay and she has supported them through radio interviews and newspaper pieces. She has performed in front of live audiences in a variety of venues. Rosa is a prolific songwriter who has written pieces in a wide array of formats and production levels.


10 Projects Completed

Rosa works as a radio show host in association with Great Commission Records and WDZY AM & FM in Richmond, VA. She speaks to guests on a variety of subjects that relate to a biblical worldview. In addition, she is responsible for sending press releases to newspapers. Her audience is 1.3 million in the primary signal.


0 Projects Completed

Rosa sent and wrote press releases in support of Indiana's Heartbeat Bill. She created commercials for candidates running for office and has written news pieces on various political subjects. She writes for the Huffington Post and often covers issues relating to culture, current events, and politics. She covers politics on her radio show and blog as well.

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299 Projects Completed

Rosa is a writer of blog posts on her personal blog and has received compensation writing blog posts for others. She has written on the subjects of religion and spirituality, health, diet, lifestyle, finance, industry, and business. In addition, Rosa has written blog posts for Hoosiers for Life, the Huffington Post, and for other online publications.


72 Projects Completed

Rosa has written articles for a variety of online and print outlets. She conducts research and often will write pieces based on her own experiences. Her work tends to reflect cultural issues, politics, and newsworthy items. She has written on issues that straddle partisan groups and that are based on facts gleaned from research.


20 Projects Completed

Rosa works for a company who pays for advertisements for a variety of clients, including those in the construction industry, automotive, and technology. She is responsible for writing catchy product descriptions that are designed to increase sales and entice buyers to purchase certain products. Rosa has a good deal of experience with writing related to advertising.

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