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Mark served in a part-time adjunct professor position in Biblical Theology at Columbia College, Columbia SC, from 2003 to 2007. As adjunct professor he taught the Evening College, which was made up of high school graduates who had been in the work force for several years and now wished to receive their B.A. or B.S. The position was terminated at the beginning of 2008 for college budget reasons. He also serves as a volunteer adult teacher in his parish church, which he has done for more than thirty years.
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Systematic theology; New Testament theology; Historical theology


Life and theology of Martin Luther; history and theology of the Reformation; Lutheran-Catholic ecumenical dialogues; theology of Vatican II. Studies in the Gospel of John and in the Pauline Epistles. Early and Patristic Church History.


Catholic University of America

Mark received his Ph.D. as a Lutheran theologian. He studied at Catholic University to advance his interest in Lutheran-Catholic Ecumenical Dialogue. His two years of course work garnered him a 4.0 average. His dissertation was accepted and his degree awarded on the first submission.


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Mark is looking for a major career change, from higher education to website writing in a variety of fields. He believes that now, at age 60, he is ready to "retire" from university and college education and work at what interests him, in various kinds of writing for different entities and for profit. He is an adept and creative writer, and is able to apply those skills to a wide range of settings and assignments.

Prior to this change, Mark was primarily an educator in the several fields of Theology, with additional abilities in History, Literature and the Liberal Arts. He still writes, primarily for pastoral and theological journals and magazines.

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Mark looks to broaden his field of writing and handle a broader range of assignments, not restricted to the liberal arts. Academic and professional articles are Mark's primary style of writing. He writes for published journals and periodicals with some frequency.

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